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The journal, Renewable Energy, seeks to promote and disseminate knowledge on the various topics and technologies of renewable energy systems and components. The journal aims to serve researchers, engineers, economists, manufacturers, NGOs, associations and societies to help them keep abreast of new developments in their specialist fields and to apply alternative energy solutions to current practices. Renewable Energy is an international, multi-disciplinary journal in renewable energy engineering and research. The journal aims to be a leading peer-reviewed platform and an authoritative source of original research and reviews related to renewable energy.
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11-Oct-2023Energy yield estimation of on-vehicle photovoltaic systems in urban environmentsRigogiannis, Nick ; Perpinias, Ioannis ; Bogatsis, Ioannis ; Roidos, Ioannis ; Vagiannis, Nick ; Zournatzis, Athanasios ; Kyritsis, Anastasios Ch ; Papanikolaou, Nick P. ; Kalogirou, Soteris A. 
21-Oct-2023Design optimization of a solar system integrated double-skin façade for a clustered housing unitBarone, Giovanni ; Vassiliades, Constantinos ; Elia, Christina ; Savvides, Andreas L. ; Kalogirou, Soteris A. 
3Jan-2022Assessment of machine learning and ensemble methods for fault diagnosis of photovoltaic systemsMellit, Adel ; Kalogirou, Soteris A. 
4Jan-2022Evaluating the suitability of Sentinel-1 SAR data for offshore wind resource assessment around CyprusHadjipetrou, Stylianos ; Liodakis, Stelios ; Sykioti, Anastasia ; Katikas, Loukas ; Park, No-Wook ; Kalogirou, Soteris A. ; Akylas, Evangelos ; Kyriakidis, Phaedon 
5Jan-2022A design tool for a parabolic trough collector system for industrial process heat based on dynamic simulationKtistis, Panayiotis K. ; Agathokleous, Rafaela ; Kalogirou, Soteris A. 
6Dec-2021Recent advances in renewable energy technology for the energy transitionØstergaard, Poul Alberg ; Duic, Neven ; Noorollahi, Younes ; Kalogirou, Soteris A. 
7Dec-2021Structural health monitoring of tendons in a multibody floating offshore wind turbine under varying environmental and operating conditionsSakaris, Christos S. ; Yang, Yang ; Bashir, Musa ; Michailides, Constantine ; Wang, Jin ; Sakellariou, John S. ; Li, Chun 
8Dec-2021Layout optimization of heaving Wave Energy Converters linear arrays in front of a vertical wallLoukogeorgaki, Eva ; Michailides, Constantine ; Lavidas, George ; Chatjigeorgiou, Ioannis K. 
9Dec-2021Optimization of the electricity/heat production of a PV/T system based on spectral splitting with Ag nanofluidZhang, Chunxiao ; Shen, Chao ; Zhang, Yingbo ; Sun, Cheng ; Chwieduk, Dorota ; Kalogirou, Soteris A. 
10Oct-2021Coupled analysis of a 10 MW multi-body floating offshore wind turbine subjected to tendon failuresYang, Yang ; Bashir, Musa ; Michailides, Constantine ; Mei, Xuan ; Wang, Jin ; Li, Chun 
11Sep-2021Numerical and experimental investigation of breaking wave forces on a monopile-type offshore wind turbineZeng, Xinmeng ; Shi, Wei ; Michailides, Constantine ; Zhang, Songhao ; Li, Xin 
12Jun-2021An investigation on the environmental impact of various Ground Heat Exchangers configurationsAresti, Lazaros ; Christodoulides, Paul ; Florides, Georgios A. 
13May-2021Enhanced nZEB concept incorporating a sustainable Grid Support SchemeKotarela, Faidra ; Kyritsis, Anastasios Ch ; Papanikolaou, Nick P. ; Kalogirou, Soteris A. 
14Dec-2020Development and application of an aero-hydro-servo-elastic coupling framework for analysis of floating offshore wind turbineYang, Yang ; Bashir, Musa ; Michailides, Constantine ; Li, Chun ; Wang, Jin 
15Dec-2020Latest progress in Sustainable Development using renewable energy technologyØstergaard, Poul Alberg ; Duic, Neven ; Noorollahi, Younes ; Kalogirou, Soteris A. 
161-Sep-2020Mitigation of coupled wind-wave-earthquake responses of a 10 MW fixed-bottom offshore wind turbineYang, Yang ; Bashir, Musa ; Li, Chun ; Michailides, Constantine ; Wang, Jin 
17Aug-2020Enhancing bioproduction and thermotolerance in Saccharomyces cerevisiae via cell immobilization on biochar: Application in a citrus peel waste biorefineryKyriakou, Maria ; Patsalou,  Maria ; Xiaris, Nikolas ; Tsevis, Athanasios ; Koutsokeras, Loukas E. ; Constantinides, Georgios ; Koutinas, Michalis 
18Mar-2020A review of the legal framework in shallow geothermal energy in selected European countries: Need for guidelinesTsagarakis, Konstantinos P. ; Efthymiou, Loukia ; Michopoulos, Apostolos ; Mavragani, Amaryllis ; Anđelković, Aleksandar S. ; Antolini, Francesco ; Bacic, Mario ; Bajare, Diana ; Baralis, Matteo ; Bogusz, Witold ; Burlon, Sébastien ; Figueira, João ; Genç, Mustafa Serdar ; Javed, Saqib ; Jurelionis, Andrius ; Koca, Kemal ; Ryżyński, Grzegorz ; Urchueguia, Javier F. ; Žlender, Bojan 
19Mar-2020Anaerobic digestion of industrial dairy wastewater and cheese whey: Performance of internal circulation bioreactor and laboratory batch test at pH 5-6Charalambous, Panagiotis ; Shin, Juhee ; Shin, Seung Gu ; Vyrides, Ioannis 
20Feb-2020Sustainable development using renewable energy technologyØstergaard, Poul Alberg ; Duic, Neven ; Noorollahi, Younes ; Mikulcic, Hrvoje ; Kalogirou, Soteris A.