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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Oct-2021Modulation Processes and Mathematical Models of the TCRIoannou, Stelios ; Argyrou, Maria C. ; Christodoulides, Paul ; Raspopoulos, Marios ; Darwish, Mohamed ; Marouchos, Christos 
2Nov-2018Optimisation and Simulation of RC Time Constants in Snubber CircuitsMohanram, Sat ; Darwish, Mohamed ; Marouchos, Christos 
3Nov-2018Power Switching Device Losses - Simulation and Non-Simulation Methods of CalculationsMohanram, Sat ; Darwish, Mohamed ; Marouchos, Christos 
4Sep-2018A solid-state fault current limiting and interrupting device (FCLID) with power factor correctionPaterakis, Fotis ; Marouchos, Christos ; Putrus, Ghanim A. ; Darwish, Mohamed ; Makarounas, Christos 
5Sep-2018Supercapacitor application for PV power smoothingArgyrou, Maria C. ; Paterakis, Fotis ; Panagi, Christina ; Makarounas, Christos ; Darwish, Mohamed ; Marouchos, Christos 
6Dec-2017Optimum design of passive power filter (PPF) at the output of 5-level CHB-MLI using genetic algorithm (GA)Alamri, Basem R. ; Marouchos, Christos ; Darwish, Mohamed 
71-Jan-2014Simulation levels in teaching power electronicsDarwish, Mohamed ; Marouchos, Christos