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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12022Optimization of energy autonomy in buildings with renewable energy sources and battery storage
2Nov-2021Medication adherence in chronic condtions : a scoping review of barriers, facilitators and interventionsKonstantinou, Pinelopi ; Kassianos, Angelos P. ; Georgiou, Giorgos ; Panayides, Andreas ; Papageorgiou, Alexia ; Almas, Ioannis ; Wozniak, Greta E. ; Karekla, Maria 
3Nov-2020Medication adherence in chronic conditions : a scoping review of barriers, facilitators and interventionsKarekla, Maria ; Constantinou, Pinelopi ; Georgiou, Giorgos ; Panayides, Andreas ; Papageorgiou, Alexia ; Wozniak, Greta ; Kassianos, Angelos P. 
411-Oct-2017Smartphone applications for educating and helping non-motivating patients adhere to medication that treats mental health conditions: Aims and functioningKassianos, Angelos P. ; Georgiou, Giorgos ; Papaconstantinou, Electra P. ; Detzortzi, Angeliki ; Horne, Rob 
5Jun-2016A preliminary design of an intelligent system for the optimal utilization of renewable energy sources in buildingsGeorgiou, Giorgos ; Christodoulides, Paul ; Kalogirou, Soteris A. ; Florides, Georgios A. ; Lazari, Lazaros 
62016Using new technologies for improving psychotropic medication adherenceIniatis, Giorgos ; Georgiou, Giorgos ; Kassianos, Angelos P. ; Nicolaou, Silouanos ; Papaconstantinou, Electra 
7Dec-2015Development of an mHealth application for adherence to psychotropic medicationGeorgiou, Giorgos ; Kassianos, Angelos P. ; Iniatis, Giorgos ; Nicolaou, Silouanos ; Kolostoumpis, George ; Wozniak, Greta