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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Oct-2003Elimination of PPV and PNRSV through thermotherapy and meristem-tip culture in nectarineManganaris, George A. ; Economou, Athanasios Sotirios ; Boubourakas, I.N. ; Katis, Nikolaos I. 
218-Jul-2006First report of Tomato chlorosis virus on tomato crops in CyprusPapayiannis, Lambros C. ; Dovas, Chrysostomos I. ; Maliogka, Varvara I. ; Katis, Nikolaos I. ; Ioannou, Nicolas 
312-Mar-2007First report of Tomato yellow leaf curl Sardinia virus (TYLCSV) infecting tomato crops in GreecePapayiannis, Lambros C. ; Avgelis, Apostolos D. ; Katis, Nikolaos I. ; Ioannou, Nicolas 
425-Aug-2005Incidence of Viruses Infecting Cucurbits in CyprusPapayiannis, Lambros C. ; Boubourakas, I.N. ; Dovas, Chrysostomos I. ; Katis, Nikolaos I. ; Falk, Bryce W. ; Ioannou, Nicolas 
5Jul-2011Incidence of viruses infecting spinach in Greece, highlighting the importance of weeds as reservoir hostsFotopoulos, Vasileios ; Dovas, Chrysostomos I. ; Katis, Nikolaos I. 
6Dec-2009A real-time PCR assay to differentiate the B and Q biotypes of the Bemisia tabaci complex in CyprusPapayiannis, Lambros C. ; Brown, Judith K. ; Seraphides, Nicos A. ; Hadjistylli, Margarita ; Katis, Nikolaos I. ; Ioannou, Nicolas