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121-Sep-2020How breast cancer treatments affect the quality of life of women with non-metastatic breast cancer one year after surgical treatment: a cross-sectional study in GreeceYfantis, Aris ; Sarafis, Pavlos ; Moisoglou, Ioannis ; Tolia, Maria ; Intas, George ; Tiniakou, Ioanna ; Zografos, Konstantinos ; Zografos, George Constantine ; Constantinou, Marianna ; Nikolentzos, Athanasios ; Kontos, Michalis BMC Surgery 
225-Jun-2020Reliability and validity of the Greek translation of the patient assessment of chronic illness care + (PACIC-PLUS GR) surveyMalliarou, Maria ; Bakola, Eleni ; Nikolentzos, Athanasios ; Sarafis, Pavlos BMC Family Practice 
316-Jun-2020Diabetic patient assessment of chronic illness care using PACIC+Malliarou, Maria ; Desikou, Christina ; Lahana, Eleni ; Kotrotsiou, Styliani ; Paralikas, Theodosios ; Nikolentzos, Athanasios ; Kotrotsiou, Evangelia ; Sarafis, Pavlos BMC Health Services Research 
4Jun-2020Critical appraisal of methodological aspects in the recent meta‐analysis evaluating the association between cyclin D1 G870A polymorphism and risk of breast cancerSergentanis, Theodoros Nikolaos ; Sarafis, Pavlos Journal of Cellular Biochemistry 
514-May-2020Validity and reliability of the Greek version of Implementation Leadership Scale (ILS)Mandrou, Eleni ; Tsounis, Andreas ; Sarafis, Pavlos BMC Psychology 
63-Mar-2020The impact of socio-demographic features on anxiety and depression amongst navy veterans after retirement: a cross-sectional studyGeorgantas, Dimitris ; Tsounis, Andreas ; Vidakis, Ioannis ; Malliarou, Maria ; Sarafis, Pavlos BMC research notes 
71-Jan-2020A longitudinal study of multiple lifestyle health risk behaviours among nursing students and non-nursing peersKritsotakis, George ; Georgiou, Evangelos D. ; Karakonstandakis, Georgios ; Kaparounakis, Nikos ; Pitsouni, Vasiliki ; Sarafis, Pavlos International Journal of Nursing Practice 
82020Συνέχεια στην Πρωτοβάθμια Φροντίδα Υγείας: η άποψη της τρίτης Ηλικίας στο Νομό ΗρακλείουΛασπίτη, Αναστασία ; Αποστολάκης, Ιωάννης ; Νικολέντζος, Αθανάσιος ; Σαράφης, Παύλος Επιστημονικά Χρονικά 
92020Translation and validation of the Greek version of the Jefferson Scale of Attitudes toward Physician and Nurse Collaboration (JSAPNC)Malliarou, Maria ; Domeyer, Philippe J. ; Bamidis, Panagiotis D. ; Sarafis, Pavlos Journal of Interprofessional Care 
1018-Dec-2019A prospective study of erectile dysfunction in men after pelvic surgical procedures and its association with non-modifiable risk factorsArtemi, S. ; Vassiliu, Pantelis ; Arkadopoulos, Nikolaos F. ; Smyrnioti, Maria-Eleni ; Sarafis, Pavlos ; Smyrniotis, Vassilis BMC research notes 
11Oct-2019Χρήση των διαγνωστικών επιπέδων αναφοράς ως εργαλείο διασφάλισης ποιότητας σε τμήματα αξονικών τομογράφων ελληνικών νοσοκομείωνΔούση, Μ. ; Βαρακλιώτη, Αγορίτσα ; Μαλλιαρού, Μαρία ; Σαράφης, Παύλος Αρχεία Ελληνικής Ιατρικής 
12Oct-2019Οι συνέπειες των πολιτικών λιτότητας στην υγεία των Ελλήνων στα χρόνια της οικονομικής κρίσηςΜαραγκάκη, Αγγελική ; Κωνσταντινίδης, Θεοχάρης Ι. ; Σαράφης, Παύλος Αρχεία Ελληνικής Ιατρικής 
1326-Jun-2019The impact of burnout and occupational stress on sexual function in both male and female individuals: a cross-sectional studyPapaefstathiou, Efstathios ; Apostolopoulou, Aikaterini ; Papaefstathiou, Eirini ; Moysidis, Kyriakos ; Hatzimouratidis, Konstantinos ; Sarafis, Pavlos International journal of impotence research 
1422-May-2019Impact of hospital educational environment and occupational stress on burnout among Greek medical residentsTsounis, Andreas ; Malliarou, Maria ; Sergentanis, Theodoros ; Papaefstathiou, Efstathios ; Papaefstathiou, Eirini ; Sarafis, Pavlos BMC Research Notes 
154-Apr-2019Correlating physical activity and quality of life of healthcare workersSaridi, Maria ; Filippopoulou, Theodora ; Tzitzikos, Georgios ; Sarafis, Pavlos ; Souliotis, Kyriakos ; Karakatsani, Despoina BMC Research Notes 
16Apr-2019Correlation of euthanasia attitude of physicians with their level of religiosityMalliarou, Maria ; Vourdami, K. ; Kotrotsiou, Styliani ; Paralikas, Theodosios ; Sarafis, Pavlos European Psychiatry 
17Mar-2019Quality of life and patient compliance with medical treatment after heart transplantationKaragiannis, A. ; Katsari, Vasiliki ; Sarafis, Pavlos ; Varaklioti, Agoritsa ; Niakas, Dimitris ; Domeyer, P. R. Archives of Hellenic Medicine 
18Feb-2019The impact of Diabetes Mellitus on Lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS) in both male and female patientsPapaefstathiou, Efstathios ; Moysidis, Kyriakos ; Sarafis, Pavlos ; Ioannidis, Evaggelos ; Hatzimouratidis, Konstantinos Diabetes & Metabolic Syndrome: Clinical Research & Reviews 
192-Jan-2019Conflicts management in public sector nursingLahana, Eleni ; Tsaras, Konstantinos ; Kalaitzidou, Aikaterini ; Galanis, Petros ; Kaitelidou, Daphne ; Sarafis, Pavlos International Journal of Healthcare Management 
202019Galactorrhea, mastodynia and gynecomastia as the first manifestation of lung adenocarcinoma. A case reportLazopoulos, Achileas ; Krimiotis, Dimitris ; Schizas, Nikolaos V. ; Rallis, Thomas ; Gogakos, A.S. ; Chatzinikolaou, Fotis ; Tsiouda, Theodora ; Zarogoulidis, Paul ; Sarafis, Pavlos ; Kamparoudi, Parthena ; Paliouras, Dimitrios V. ; Barbetakis, Nikolaos G. Respiratory Medicine Case Reports