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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
17-Sep-2006Behaviour of concrete columns with drilled holesSon, K. S. ; Pilakoutas, Kypros ; Neocleous, Kyriacos 
21-Aug-2011Design guidelines for FRP reinforced concrete structuresPilakoutas, Kypros ; Guadagnini, Maurizio ; Neocleous, Kyriacos ; Matthys, Stijn 
31-Oct-2006Design issues for concrete reinforced with steel fibers, including fibers recovered from used tiresNeocleous, Kyriacos ; Tlemat, H. ; Pilakoutas, Kypros 
41-Aug-2002Design philosophy issues of fiber reinfored polymer reinforced concrete structuresPilakoutas, Kypros ; Neocleous, Kyriacos ; Guadagnini, Maurizio 
54-Jun-2012Design Procedure and Simplified Equations for the Flexural Capacity of Concrete Members Reinforced with Fibre-reinforced Polymer BarsTorres, Lluís ; Neocleous, Kyriacos ; Pilakoutas, Kypros 
6Jul-2010Economical and sustainable pavements - The EcoLanes projectPilakoutas, Kypros ; Neocleous, Kyriacos ; Angelakopoulos, H. ; Koutselas, K. 
715-Feb-2018Evaluation of seismic demand for substandard reinforced concrete structuresKyriakides, Nicholas ; Ahmad, Sohaib ; Pilakoutas, Kypros ; Neocleous, Kyriacos ; Chrysostomou, Christis ; Tantele, Elia ; Votsis, Renos 
8Nov-2018Experimental investigation of bond characteristics of deformed and plain bars in low strength concreteAhmad, Sohaib ; Pilakoutas, Kypros ; Rafi, Muhammad Masood ; Khan, Qaiser Uz Zaman ; Neocleous, Kyriacos 
91-Mar-2005Failure-mode-hierarchy-based design for reinforced còncrete structuresNeocleous, Kyriacos ; Pilakoutas, Kypros ; Guadagnini, Maurizio 
101-Dec-2012Fatigue Resistance and Cracking Mechanism of Concrete Pavements Reinforced with Recycled Steel Fibres Recovered from Post-consumer TyresGraeff, Angela Gaio ; Pilakoutas, Kypros ; Neocleous, Kyriacos ; Peres, Maria Vania N.N. 
111-May-2011Fibre-reinforced roller compacted concrete transport pavementsNeocleous, Kyriacos ; Angelakopoulos, H. ; Pilakoutas, Kypros ; Guadagnin, Maurizio 
12Oct-2014Full-scale shaking table tests on a substandard RC building repaired and strengthened with Post-Tensioned Metal StrapsGarcia, Reyes; Hajirasouliha, Iman; Guadagnini, Maurizio; Helal, Yasser; Jemaa, Yaser; Pilakoutas, Kypros ; Mongabure, Philippe; Chrysostomou, Christis ; Kyriakides, Nicholas ; Ilki, Alper; Budescu, Mihai; Taranu, Nicolae; Ciupala, Mihaela Anca; Torres, Lluis; Saiidi, M.
131-Mar-2006Modelling of SFRC using inverse finite element analysisTlemat, H. ; Pilakoutas, Kypros ; Neocleous, Kyriacos 
142012Predicting the Shear Resistance of RC Beams Without Shear Reinforcement Using a Bayesian Neural NetworkIruansi, Osimen ; Guadagnini, Maurizio ; Pilakoutas, Kypros ; Neocleous, Kyriacos 
15Jun-2014A Probabilistic Analytical Seismic Vulnerability Assessment Framework for Substandard Structures in Developing CountriesKyriakides, Nicholas ; Ahmad, Sohaib ; Pilakoutas, Kypros ; Neocleous, Kyriacos ; Chrysostomou, Christis 
162011Proportioning of steel fibre reinforced concrete mixes for pavement construction and their impact on environment and costAchilleos, Constantia ; Neocleous, Kyriacos ; Pilakoutas, Kypros ; Neophytou, Pavlos O. ; Kallis, Stelios ; Hadjimitsis, Diofantos G. 
1713-Sep-2015Seismic fragility assessment of existing sub-standard low strength reinforced concrete structuresAhmad, Sohaib ; Kyriakides, Nicholas ; Pilakoutas, Kypros ; Neocleous, Kyriacos ; Zaman, Qaiser Uz 
18Aug-2017Seismic retrofitting of RC buildings using CFRP and post-tensioned metal straps: shake table testsGarcia, Reyes ; Pilakoutas, Kypros ; Hajirasouliha, Iman ; Guadagnini, Maurizio ; Kyriakides, Nicholas ; Ciupala, Mihaela Anca 
191-Apr-2006Stress-strain characteristic of SFRC using recycled fibresTlemat, H. ; Pilakoutas, Kypros ; Neocleous, Costas 
201-Jan-2015Stress–Strain Model for Low-Strength Concrete in Uni-Axial CompressionAhmad, Sohaib ; Pilakoutas, Kypros ; Khan, Qaiser Uz Zaman ; Neocleous, Kyriacos