Dionysis Panos is Assistant Professor at the Department of Communication and Internet Studies of the Cyprus University of Technology. He holds a Ph.D in Communication from the Faculty of Communication and Media Studies of the University of Athens, with his thesis focusing on the communication psychology and sociology of cyberspace. Dionysis Panos has also earned his Masters and B.A. from the same Faculty of Communication and Media Studies, as well as a Bachelor of Law from the Law School of the Democritus University of Thrace. He has research experience in both the academic and the private sector. In the academic area, he has participated, through various posts, in research projects on subjects such as the integration of refugee and repatriates in social and economic life, media production of stereotypes, value systems of youth, and media ethics for the protection of children in Media. In parallel, he has a long professional career in the field of Political Communication and has worked as a high-rank executive in Political Research and Communication companies, as well as an independent Political Communication Strategist. His latest research interests dealing with the areas of online interpersonal social relationships on the Web and Online Media, Radicalization and Terrorism.