Zantides, Evripides
Ζαντίδης, Ευριπίδης

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TitlePlaceDateBrief descriptionAcademic year
21st century European flagLimassol, Cyrpus03-11-2017Poster presented at 21 Posters on Explosion[s]2017-2018
Nothing like healthAthens, Greece15-12-2016Installation presented at Ars Moriendi2016-2017
Conversation with Comrade LeninPresented in Bardejov, Slovakia and Šibenik, Croatia1917-2017 International Poster Exhibition as part of 2017 the 100th anniversary of the Revolution in Russia call of Golden Bee Global Biennale of Graphic Design 20182017-2018
21st century European flagLimassol, Cyprus03-11-2017Poster presented at 21 Posters on Explosion[s]2017-2018
Poetry nightMoscow09-10-2018Poster presented at The 12th Golden Bee Global Biennale2018-2019
Stop FightingLimassol, Cyprus20-03-2015Poster presented at Design and Cartooning for Peace, Poster and Cartoons designed by Plantu Exhibition2014-2015
DisplacementsRialto Theatre, Limassol, Cyprus01-01-2015Poster presented at Poster Exhibition, Rialto Theatre2015-2016
Are you the one who waits?Limassol, CyprusPoster presented at Culture of Seduction [the seduction of culture]2015-2016