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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12016Adult vocational decision, career satisfaction and future intention: Insights from the hospitality industryZopiatis, Anastasios ; Theocharous, Antonis L. ; Constanti, Panayiotis 
23-Jul-2007“And never the twain shall meet”: Investigating the hospitality industry-education relationship in CyprusConstanti, Panikkos ; Zopiatis, Anastasios 
3Oct-2011Are Xers from Mars and Yers from Venus? Generations under the microscopeKrambia-Kapardis, Maria ; Zopiatis, Anastasios ; Varnavas, Andreas ; Pavlou, Ifigeneia 
42008Attitudes of management students towards workplace ethics: A comparative study between South Africa and CyprusThomas, Adele ; Zopiatis, Anastasios ; Krambia-Kapardis, Maria 
52-Jan-2018Career satisfaction and future intentions in the hospitality industry: an intrinsic or an extrinsic proposition?Zopiatis, Anastasios ; Theocharous, Antonis L. ; Constanti, Panayiotis 
62019The celebrity chef phenomenon: a (reflective) commentaryZopiatis, Anastasios ; Melanthiou, Yioula 
72007College students' dining expectations in CyprusPribic, Jovana ; Zopiatis, Anastasios 
81-Nov-2016Developing a Country-wide Tourist Loyalty Scheme: A Barren LandscapeZopiatis, Anastasios ; Theocharous, Antonis L. ; Kosmas, Petros C. ; Webster, Craig ; Melanthiou, Yioula 
92008Ethical Behaviour of Tertiary Education Students in CyprusZopiatis, Anastasios ; Krambia-Kapardis, Maria 
1029-Jun-2009An exploratory use of the stakeholder approach to defining and measuring quality: the case of a cypriot higher education institutionIacovidou, Melpo ; Gibbs, Paul ; Zopiatis, Anastasios 
11Nov-2008Exploring Students Ethics in the Academic Environment: The case of CyprusKrambia-Kapardis, Maria ; Zopiatis, Anastasios 
123-Feb-2012Extraversion, openness and conscientiousness: The route to transformational leadership in the hotel industryConstanti, Panayiotis ; Zopiatis, Anastasios 
132009Female accountants in partnership positions: Persona non grata?Zopiatis, Anastasios ; Krambia-Kapardis, Maria 
141-Jun-2019Hospitality education and finance courses: An ‘inconvenient’ relationship?Zopiatis, Anastasios ; Lambertides, Neophytos ; Savva, Christos S. ; Theocharous, Antonis L. 
1513-Feb-2007Hospitality internships in Cyprus: a genuine academic experience or a continuing frustration?Zopiatis, Anastasios 
1612-Oct-2007Human resource challenges confronting the Cyprus hospitality industryConstanti, Panikkos ; Zopiatis, Anastasios 
171-Feb-2017Intercultural workplace relationships in the hospitality industry: Beyond the tip of the icebergVassou, Chrystalla ; Zopiatis, Anastasios ; Theocharous, Antonis L. 
1811-May-2010Investigating incidents of fraud in small economies: the case for CyprusZopiatis, Anastasios ; Krambia-Kapardis, Maria 
195-Sep-2009Investigating occupational burnout of food and beverage employees: The case of CyprusOrphanides, Nicholas ; Zopiatis, Anastasios 
2018-Jul-2008Investigating “head” and “heart” value traits of tertiary students studying in CyprusZopiatis, Anastasios ; Krambia-Kapardis, Maria