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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Oct-2015Συμβολές στην Επιστήμη του Δικαίου και των Διεθνών ΣχέσεωνKrambia-Kapardis, Maria 
230-Nov-2015Research Handbook on International Financial CrimeKrambia-Kapardis, Maria 
32010Public sector financial reporting: a user needs study in CyprusClark, Colin ; Krambia-Kapardis, Maria ; Clark, Colin 
42016Opaque Lobbying: The Achelous heel to TransparencyKrambia-Kapardis, Maria 
52017Lobbying in Cyprus: In Urgent Need of hard and soft legislative frameworkKrambia-Kapardis, Maria 
611-Feb-2011La criminalité financière - Prévention, gouvernance et influences culturellesKrambia-Kapardis, Maria 
7Apr-2017Fraud and Corruption: Protagonists in Creating a Financial CrisisKrambia-Kapardis, Maria 
82016Financial Crimes: Psychological, Technological, and Ethical IssuesKrambia-Kapardis, Maria 
9Jul-2019Financial Compliance: Issues, Concerns, and Future DirectionsKrambia-Kapardis, Maria 
101-Apr-2001Enhancing the auditor's fraud detection ability: an interdisciplinary approachKrambia-Kapardis, Maria 
11Nov-2011Economic Crime in Businesses: Prevention, Detection, InvestigationKrambia-Kapardis, Maria ; Tsolakis, Christos 
1226-Apr-2019Disentangling the Expectation Gap for Compliance OfficersKrambia-Kapardis, Maria 
132012The CSR experience in CyprusKrambia-Kapardis, Maria 
1428-Dec-2010Creative Accounting, Fraud and International ScandalsKrambia-Kapardis, Maria 
152016Corporate Fraud and Corruption: A Holistic Approach to Preventing Financial CrisesKrambia-Kapardis, Maria