Kambanaros, Maria
Καμπανάρος, Μαρία

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Event nameRole in organization of eventStart dateEnd date
Transdisciplinary Approaches to Variation in Language (TALV 2)other01-01-201901-01-2019
Cerebrovascular Accidents: Before and After, CUT [Cyprus], ‘Multilingualism and Pathology’ (ICL 20)other01-01-201801-01-2018
‘Multilingualism and Pathology’ (ICL 20)other01-01-201801-01-2018
Passives Workshopother01-01-201701-01-2017
COST Action IS1406 MC Meetingother01-01-201601-01-2016
Current Trends in Neurological Rehabilitationother01-01-201601-01-2016
COST Action IS1208 MC Meetingother01-01-201501-01-2015
Language Disorders in Greek 5director01-01-201401-01-2014
Rehabilitation of neurological and myoskeletal disordersdirector01-01-201401-01-2014
Language Disorders in Greek 3director01-01-201001-01-2010
COST Action IS0804 MC Meetingother01-01-201001-01-2010
Language Disorders in Greek 2other01-01-200801-01-2008
Language Disorders in Greek 1other01-01-200601-01-2006