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119-Feb-2022Frailty in cardiology: definition, assessment and clinical implications for general cardiology. A consensus document of the Council for Cardiology Practice (CCP), Association for Acute Cardio Vascular Care (ACVC), Association of Cardiovascular Nursing and Allied Professions (ACNAP), European Association of Preventive Cardiology (EAPC), European Heart Rhythm Association (EHRA), Council on Valvular Heart Diseases (VHD), Council on Hypertension (CHT), Council of Cardio-Oncology (CCO), Working Group (WG) Aorta and Peripheral Vascular Diseases, WG e-Cardiology, WG Thrombosis, of the European Society of Cardiology, European Primary Care Cardiology Society (EPCCS)Richter, Dimitri ; Guasti, Luigina ; Walker, David ; Lambrinou, Ekaterini ; Lionis, Christos D. ; Abreu, Ana ; Savelieva, Irina ; Fumagalli, Stefano ; Bo, Mario ; Rocca, Bianca ; Jensen, Magnus T ; Pierard, Luc ; Sudano, Isabella ; Aboyans, Victor ; Asteggiano, Riccardo European Journal of Preventive Cardiology 
2Feb-20212020 Update of the quality indicators for acute myocardial infarction: a position paper of the Association for Acute Cardiovascular Care: the study group for quality indicators from the ACVC and the NSTE-ACS guideline groupSchiele, François ; Aktaa, Suleman ; Rossello, Xavier ; Ahrens, Ingo ; Claeys, Marc J. ; Collet, Jean-Philippe ; Fox, Keith A.A. ; Gale, Chris P. ; Huber, Kurt ; Iakobishvili, Zaza ; Keys, Alan ; Lambrinou, Ekaterini ; Leonardi, Sergio ; Lettino, Maddalena ; Masoudi, Frederick A. ; Price, Susanna ; Quinn, Tom ; Swahn, Eva ; Thiele, Holger ; Timmis, Adam ; Tubaro, Marco ; Vrints, Christiaan J. M. ; Walker, David ; Bueno, Hector ; Halvorsen, Sigrun ; Jernberg, Tomas ; Jortveit, Jarle ; Blöndal, Mai ; Ibanez, Borja ; Hassager, Christian European heart journal: Acute cardiovascular care