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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Journal
11998Variance and clusteringYatracos, Yannis G. Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society 
2Dec-1997Rates of convergence of estimates, Kolmogorov's entropy and the dimensionality reduction principle in regressionNicoleris, Theodoros ; Yatracos, Yannis G. ; Nicoleris, Theodoros Annals of Statistics 
3Sep-1991On the species and related problemsYatracos, Yannis G. Statistics & Probability Letters 
4Dec-1995On the rare species of a populationYatracos, Yannis G. Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference 
5Sep-1991A note on Tukey's polyefficiencyYatracos, Yannis G. Biometrika 
61996Minimum distance regression-type estimates with rates under weak dependenceRoussas, George G. ; Yatracos, Yannis G. ; Roussas, George G. Annals of the Institute of Statistical Mathematics 
7Feb-1992L1-optimal estimates for a regression type function in rdYatracos, Yannis G. Journal of Multivariate Analysis