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1Jun-2009The pattern-matching approach and its application in tourism developmentVaughan, David Roger ; Andriotis, Konstantinos Current Issues in Tourism 
27-Jul-2020How much synthetic oxytocin is infused during labour? A review and analysis of regimens used in 12 countriesDaly, Déirdre ; Minnie, Karin C.S. ; Blignaut, Alwiena J. ; Blix, Ellen Störe ; Vika Nilsen, Anne Britt ; Dencker, Anna ; Beeckman, Katrien ; Groß, Mechthild M. ; Pehlke-Milde, Jessica ; Grylka-Baeschlin, Susanne ; Koenig-Bachmann, Martina ; Clausen, Jette Aaroe ; Hadjigeorgiou, Eleni ; Morano, Sandra ; Iannuzzi, Laura ; Baranowska, Barbara ; Kiersnowska, Iwona ; Uvnäs-Moberg, Kerstin PLoS ONE 
318-Jan-2021Hospitality managers in turbulent times: the COVID-19 crisisGiousmpasoglou, Charalampos ; Marinakou, Evangelia ; Zopiatis, Anastasios International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management 
41-Jul-2020Graphics and virtual environments for serious gamesLiarokapis, Fotis ; Anderson, Eike Falk IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications 
5Oct-2020Collaborating and Learning in Shared Virtual Environments IntroductionLiarokapis, Fotis ; Anderson, Eike Falk IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications