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113-Apr-2018Lidar Ice nuclei estimates and how they relate with airborne in-situ measurementsMarinou, Eleni ; Amiridis, Vassilis ; Ansmann, Albert ; Nenes, Athanasios ; Balis, Dimitris ; Schrod, Jann ; Binietoglou, Ioannis ; Mamali, Dimitra ; Engelmann, Ronny ; Baars, Holger ; Kottas, Michael ; Proestakis, Emmanouil ; Kokkalis, Panagiotis ; Goloub, Philippe ; Cvetkovic, Bojan ; Nichovic, Slobodan ; Mamouri, Rodanthi-Elisavet ; Pikridas, Michael ; Stavroulas, Iasonas ; Keleshis, Christos ; Sciare, Jean EPJ Web of Conferences 
2May-1994Intramachine and intermachine variability in transesophageal color doppler images of pulsatile jets: in vitro studiesFan, Pohoey ; Nanda, Navin C. ; Anayiotos, Andreas Circulation research 
3Apr-2021Immune reconstitution and clinical recovery following anti-CD28 antibody (TGN1412)-induced cytokine stormPanoskaltsis, Nicki ; McCarthy, Neil E. ; Stagg, Andrew J. ; Mummery, Catherine J. ; Husni, Mariwan ; Arebi, Naila ; Greenstein, David ; Price, Claire L. ; Al-Hassi, Hafid O. ; Koutinas, Michalis ; Mantalaris, Athanasios A. ; Knight, Stella C. Cancer Immunology, Immunotherapy 
421-Oct-2014Electronic structure and mechanical properties of ternary ZrTaN alloys studied by ab initio calculations and thin-film growth experimentsAbadias, Gregory ; Kanoun, M. B. ; Goumri-Said, S. ; Koutsokeras, Loukas E. ; Dub, S. N. ; Djemia, Ph Physical Review B