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1Dec-2020Weighted hypersoft configuration modelVoitalov, Ivan ; Van der Hoorn, Pim ; Kitsak, Maksim A. ; Papadopoulos, Fragkiskos ; Krioukov, Dmitri V. Physical Review Research 
2May-2012Simulation of Unreinforced Masonry Beams Retrofitted with Engineered Cementitious Composites in FlexureHendriks, Max A N ; Billington, Sarah L. ; Kyriakides, Marios Journal of Materials in Civil Engineering 
3Dec-2021Layout optimization of heaving Wave Energy Converters linear arrays in front of a vertical wallLoukogeorgaki, Eva ; Michailides, Constantine ; Lavidas, George ; Chatjigeorgiou, Ioannis K. Renewable Energy 
415-Nov-2016Dynamic building stock modelling: Application to 11 European countries to support the energy efficiency and retrofit ambitions of the EUSandberg, Nina Holck ; Sartori, Igor ; Heidrich, Oliver ; Dawson, Richard ; Dascalaki, Elena ; Dimitriou, Stella ; Vimm-r, Tomáš ; Filippidou, Faidra ; Stegnar, Gašper ; Šijanec Zavrl, Marjana ; Brattebø, Helge Energy and Buildings 
5Feb-2022Computational Investigation of Microreactor Configurations for Hydrogen Production from Formic Acid Decomposition Using a Pd/C CatalystHafeez, Sanaa ; Al-Salem, Sultan M. ; Bansode, Atul ; Villa, Alberto ; Dimitratos, Nikolaos ; Manos, George ; Constantinou, Achilleas Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 
61998Alternative short tests for inspection and maintenance of in-use cars with respect to their emissions performanceSamaras, Zissis ; Joumard, Robert ; Vernet, Isabelle ; Hassel, Dieter ; Weber, Franz Josef ; Rijkeboer, Rudolf ; Zachariadis, Theodoros International Journal of Vehicle Design