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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Journal
124-Feb-2015Network geometry inference using common neighborsPapadopoulos, Fragkiskos ; Aldecoa, Rodrigo ; Krioukov, Dmitri Physical Review E 
28-Mar-2017Latent geometry of bipartite networksKitsak, Maksim A. ; Papadopoulos, Fragkiskos ; Krioukov, Dmitri V. Physical Review E 
323-Jan-2013The impact of the Cyprus comprehensive smoking ban on air quality and economic business of hospitality venuesChristophi, Costas A. ; Paisi, Martha ; Pampaka, Despina ; Kehagias, Martha ; Vardavas, Constantine Ilias ; Connolly, Gregory N. BMC Public Health 
427-Jan-2016Hamiltonian dynamics of preferential attachmentZuev, Konstantin ; Papadopoulos, Fragkiskos ; Krioukov, Dmitri V Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical