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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the agency of the U.S. Public Health Service charged with disease prevention and health promotion, leads efforts to address emerging infectious disease issues such as AIDS, antimicrobial resistance, food safety, hantavirus pulmonary syndrome, influenza, travel health, tuberculosis, West Nile virus infection, and zoonoses. CDC's efforts encompass improvements in disease surveillance, the public health infrastructure, and epidemiologic and laboratory training.

Emerging Infectious Diseases represents the scientific communications component of CDC's efforts against the threat of emerging infections. However, even as it addresses CDC's interest in the elusive, continuous, evolving, and global nature of these infections, the journal relies on a broad international authorship base and is rigorously peer-reviewed by independent reviewers from all over the world.
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1Jan-2021Impact of a Nationwide Lockdown on SARS-CoV-2 Transmissibility, ItalyGuzzetta, Giorgio ; Riccardo, Flavia ; Marziano, Valentina ; Poletti, Piero ; Trentini, Filippo ; Bella, Antonino ; Andrianou, Xanthi ; Del Manso, Martina ; Fabiani, Massimo ; Bellino, Stefania ; Boros, Stefano ; Mateo-Urdiales, Alberto ; Vescio, Maria Fenicia ; Piccioli, Andrea ; Brusaferro, Silvio ; Rezza, Giovanni ; Pezzotti, Patrizio ; Ajelli, Marco ; Merler, Stefano