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19-Jul-2007Some flexible parametric models for partially adaptive estimators of econometric modelsHansen, Christian B. ; McDonald, James B. ; Theodossiou, Panayiotis Economics 
215-Jun-2004Rule-driven object tracking in clutter and partial occlusion with model-based snakesTsechpenakis, Gabriel ; Rapantzikos, Konstantinos ; Tsapatsoulis, Nicolas ; Kollias, Stefanos D. EURASIP Journal on Applied Signal Processing 
314-Jul-2010Robust estimation with flexible parametric distributions: estimation of utility stock betasMcDonald, James B. ; Michelfelder, Richard ; Theodossiou, Panayiotis Quantitative Finance 
42008Risk measurement performance of alternative distribution functionsBali, Turan G. ; Theodossiou, Panayiotis Journal of Risk and Insurance 
51999Predicting corporate financial distress: a time-series CUSUM methodologyKahya, Emel ; Theodossiou, Panayiotis Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting 
62010Partially adaptive econometric methods for regression and classificationHansen, James ; McDonald, James B. ; Theodossiou, Panayiotis 
71-Jan-1985On the existence of uniformly consistent estimatesYatracos, Yannis G. Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society 
81994Linkages between the U.S. and Japanese stock markets: a bivariate garch-m analysisKoutmos, Gregory ; Theodossiou, Panayiotis Global finance journal 
92015Health effects of fine particulate matter in life cycle impact assessment: findings from the Basel Guidance WorkshopFantke, Peter ; Jolliet, Olivier ; Evans, John S. ; Apte, Joshua S. ; Cohen, Aaron J. ; Hänninen, Otto O. ; Hurley, Fintan ; Jantunen, Matti J. ; Jerrett, Michael ; Levy, Jonathan I. ; Loh, Miranda M. ; Marshall, Julian D. ; Miller, Brian G. ; Preiss, Philipp ; Spadaro, Joseph V. ; Tainio, Marko ; Tuomisto, Jouni T. ; Weschler, Charles J. ; McKone, Thomas E. International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment 
102021Guest editorialVrontis, Demetris ; Hulland, John ; Shaw, Jason D. ; Gaur, Ajai ; Czinkota, Michael ; Christofi, Michael International Marketing Review 
11Jul-1996Financial distress and corporate acquisitions: further empirical evidenceKahya, Emel ; Saidi, Reza ; Theodossiou, Panayiotis Journal of Business Finance & Accounting 
121-Dec-1998Financial data and the skewed generalized t distributionTheodossiou, Panayiotis Management Science 
13Jun-2013A conditional random field-based model for joint sequence segmentation and classificationKosmopoulos, Dimitrios I. ; Doliotis, Paul ; Chatzis, Sotirios P. Pattern recognition 
14Sep-2020Clarifying managerial biases using a probabilistic frameworkEllina, Polina ; Mascarenhas, Briance ; Theodossiou, Panayiotis Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Finance 
1515-Aug-2017Characterizing Aggregated Exposure to Primary Particulate Matter: Recommended Intake Fractions for Indoor and Outdoor SourcesFantke, Peter ; Jolliet, Olivier ; Apte, Joshua S. ; Hodas, Natasha ; Evans, John S. ; Weschler, Charles J. ; Stylianou, Katerina S. ; Jantunen, Matti J. ; McKone, Thomas E. Environmental Science & Technology 
1613-Mar-2002The Asymmetric Relation between Initial Margin Requirements and Stock Market Volatility Across Bull and Bear MarketsTheodossiou, Panayiotis ; Hardouvelis, Gikas The Review of Financial Studies