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11-Nov-2021Single Peak Fiber Bragg Grating Sensors in Tapered Multimode Polymer Optical FibersWoyessa, Getinet Taffesse ; Theodosiou, Antreas ; Markos, Christos ; Kalli, Kyriacos ; Bang, Ole Journal of Lightwave Technology 
22020Ship weather routing: A taxonomy and surveyZis, Thalis ; Psaraftis, Harilaos N. ; Ding, Li Ocean Engineering 
31-Jul-2013Required ozone doses for removing pharmaceuticals from wastewater effluentsAntoniou, Maria G. ; Hey, Gerly ; Rodríguez Vega, Sergio ; Spiliotopoulou, Aikaterini ; Fick, Jerker ; Tysklind, Mats ; La Cour Jansen, Jes ; Andersen, Henrik Rasmus Science of the Total Environment 
42011The relationship between aerosol backscatter coefficient and atmospheric relative humidity in an urban area over Athens, Greece, using raman lidar and radiosonde dataAngelou, Nikolas ; Papayannis, Alexandros D. ; Mamouri, Rodanthi-Elisavet International Journal of Remote Sensing 
52020Reduced environmental impact of marine transport through speed reduction and wind assisted propulsionTillig, Fabian ; Ringsberg, Jonas W. ; Psaraftis, Harilaos N. ; Zis, Thalis Transportation Research. Part D: Transport & Environment 
61-Dec-2021Quantification of hypochlorite in water using the nutritional food additive pyridoxamineKaarsholm, Kamilla M. S. ; Kokkoli, Argyro ; Keliri, Eleni ; Mines, Paul D. ; Antoniou, Maria G. ; Jakobsen, Mogens Havsteen ; Andersen, Henrik R. Water 
72019Policy measures to avert possible modal shifts caused by sulphur regulation in the European Ro-Ro sectorZis, Thalis ; Psaraftis, Harilaos N. ; Panagakos, George ; Kronbak, Jacob Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment 
81-Jan-2016Payback period for emissions abatement alternatives: Role of regulation and fuel pricesZis, Thalis ; Angeloudis, Panagiotis ; Bell, Michael G. H. ; Psaraftis, Harilaos N. Transportation Research Record: Journal of the Transportation Research Board 
917-Feb-2011Optical fibre Bragg grating recorded in TOPAS cyclic olefin copolymerBang, Ole ; Johnson, Ian P. ; Yuan, Wu ; Stefani, Alessio ; Nielsen, Kristian Fog ; Rasmussen, Henrik Koblitz ; Khan, Lutful ; Webb, David J. ; Kalli, Kyriacos Electronics Letters 
102019Operational measures to mitigate and reverse the potential modal shifts due to environmental legislationZis, Thalis ; Psaraftis, Harilaos N. Maritime Policy and Management 
115-Feb-2017Novel pre-treatments to control bromate formation during ozonationAntoniou, Maria G. ; Sichel, Cosima ; Andre, Klaus ; Andersen, Henrik Rasmus Journal of Hazardous Materials 
122021Natural fluorescence emission - an indirect measurement of applied ozone dosages to remove pharmaceuticals in biologically treated wastewaterSpiliotopoulou, Aikaterini ; Antoniou, Maria G. ; Andersen, Henrik Rasmus Environmental Technology 
132020A Literature Survey on Market-Based Measures for the Decarbonization of ShippingLagouvardou, Sotiria ; Psaraftis, Harilaos N. ; Zis, Thalis Sustainability 
142018Key performance indicators to assess and reverse the negative impacts of SECA policies for Ro-Ro ShippingZis, Thalis ; Psaraftis, Harilaos N. FME Transactions 
151-Oct-2010Intermediates and reaction pathways from the degradation of microcystin-lr with sulfate radicalsDe La Cruz, Armah A. ; Dionysiou, Dionysios Demetriou D. ; Antoniou, Maria G. Environmental Science & Technology 
162017The implications of the new sulphur limits on the European Ro-Ro sectorZis, Thalis ; Psaraftis, Harilaos N. Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment 
172021Impacts of short-term measures to decarbonize maritime transport on perishable cargoesZis, Thalis ; Psaraftis, Harilaos N. Maritime Economics and Logistics 
1816-Nov-2021The impact of the 2020 global sulfur cap on maritime CO2 emissionsZisi, Vasiliki ; Psaraftis, Harilaos N. ; Zis, Thalis Maritime Business Review 
192018The impact of flexible environmental policy on maritime supply chain resilienceZavitsas, Konstantinos ; Zis, Thalis ; Bell, Michael G. H. Transport Policy 
202021Impact assessment of a mandatory operational goal-based short-term measure to reduce GHG emissions from ships: the LDC/SIDS case studyPsaraftis, Harilaos N. ; Zis, Thalis International Environmental Agreements: Politics, Law and Economics