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Ocean engineering
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Ocean Engineering provides a medium for the publication of original research and development work in the field of ocean engineering
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11-Feb-2021Coastal zone significant wave height prediction by supervised machine learning classification algorithmsDemetriou, Demetris ; Michailides, Constantine ; Papanastasiou, George ; Onoufriou, Toula 
21-Dec-2020Wind-wave coupling effects on the fatigue damage of tendons for a 10 MW multi-body floating wind turbineYang, Yang ; Bashir, Musa ; Wang, Jin ; Michailides, Constantine ; Loughney, Sean ; Armin, Milad ; Hernández, Sergio ; Urbano, Joaquín ; Li, Chun 
31-Jul-2020Second-order hydrodynamic effects on the response of three semisubmersible floating offshore wind turbinesZhang, Lixian ; Shi, Wei ; Karimirad, Madjid  ; Michailides, Constantine ; Jiang, Zhiyu 
415-Oct-2019Underwater augmented reality for improving the diving experience in submerged archaeological sitesBruno, Fabio ; Barbieri, Loris ; Mangeruga, Marino ; Cozza, Marco ; Lagudi, Antonio ; Čejka, Jan ; Liarokapis, Fotis ; Skarlatos, Dimitrios