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12008The anxieties of the body: spirituality and eroticism in Nicholas Panayi’s painting», in Nicholas Panayi: White Light O + ΩDanos, Antonis 
22020Cindy Sherman και Yasumasa Morimura: από την αυτοπροσωπογραφία στον εαυτό ως μοντέλοΑργυρού, Μαρία 
32014Contemporary Cypriot art : loss trauma, affect and the material that passes into sensationAntoniou, Klitsa 
42016Exploring the Urban Mediterranean Soundscapes in Cyprus and Malta: A Comparative StudyChristidis, Yiannis ; Quinton, Michael 
512-Mar-2020FolaChristidis, Yiannis 
631-Jul-2020Folk Dancing Documentation as a Creative Tool for Video ArtChristidis, Yiannis ; Synnos, Nicos 
72013Greek-Cypriot Historical Plays and Contemporary Culture and Identity and CultureΕυαγγέλου, Ελλάδα 
82014«Hybrid landscapes and soundscapes, and the ideologies of borders»Danos, Antonis 
92015Idealist "grand visions", from Nikolaos Gyzis to Konstantinos Parthenis: the unacknowledged symbolist roots of Greek modernismDanos, Antonis 
102011The Little Land Fish: experiencing place, homeland, and identity in an exhibition of contemporary Cypriot artDanos, Antonis 
112010Looking Awry at the 50 Years of the Republic of CyprusDanos, Antonis 
122018Mediterranean Modernisms: The case of Cypriot Artist Christoforos SavvaDanos, Antonis 
132014Professione Reporter του Michelangelo Antonioni: Η δημιουργία μιας «μη υπαρκτής» ιστορίαςΓιαπάνης, Γιάννης 
142010Re-envisioning CyprusStylianou-Lambert, Theopisti ; Antoniou, Lucas ; Couta, Melita ; Diehl, Johanna ; Kyriacou, Phanos 
152010Rebellious bodies: their destruction, and the influence of their lives and deathsDanos, Antonis 
162006Screens: Telling Stories [Exhibition Catalogue]Danos, Antonis 
172012Through the Roadblocks : realities in raw motionDanos, Antonis ; Black, Helene 
182010Times of Cyprus [Exhibition Catalogue]Danos, Antonis 
191-Oct-2014Twentieth-Century Greek Cypriot Art: An “Other” Modernism on the PeripheryDanos, Antonis 
202019WeMenAntoniou, Klitsa