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Department of Fine Arts
The School of Fine and Applied Arts, of the Cyprus University of Technology, constitutes a nodal point for scientific and artistic research and production. The Department of Fine Arts, in particular, aims at becoming a place for artistic and overall cultural research and creation. With an international outlook, the department aims at becoming a meeting point between Europe and the Middle East, projecting anew the centuries-old character of the Mediterranean as a space of crossings, interactions and transcultural cosmopolitanism. At the same time, it aims at creating an environment of high theoretical and aesthetic calibre, for the renewal and enrichment of the Cypriot cultural discourse, as well as, at creating the necessary framework for the promotion abroad of local, contemporary artistic creation. Within the planned undergraduate Fine Arts degree, the Fine Arts Department will offer studies in two-dimensional (painting) and three-dimensional (sculpture) creation, as well as in technological applications in art – from photography to video and to digital, visual and sound applications. The programme will be heavily complemented by courses in the History and Theory of Visual Arts, Architecture and New Media, as well as in Philosophy (including Aesthetics) of Art. Directly related to the aforementioned importance of the historical, philosophical and, generally, theoretical education of the students, has been the commencement – in September 2015 – of the post-graduate (Master’s) programme in the History and Theory of Art, with which the Department of Fine Arts was inaugurated. © 2016 C

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Oct-2022AmuletsBurnett, Clare ; Γκενάντιεβα, Μαρίνα ; Περικλέους, Βίκυ ; Toren, Amikam 
22008The anxieties of the body: spirituality and eroticism in Nicholas Panayi’s painting», in Nicholas Panayi: White Light O + ΩDanos, Antonis 
32021Bauhaus : οι προϋποθέσεις ίδρυσης, η λειτουργία του και η διάχυση των ιδεών τουΧοιροδοντής, Αβραάμ 
41-Feb-2019Book Review: The Discursive-Material Knot: Cyprus in Conflict and Community Media ParticipationChristidis, Yiannis 
52020Cindy Sherman και Yasumasa Morimura: από την αυτοπροσωπογραφία στον εαυτό ως μοντέλοΑργυρού, Μαρία 
62014Contemporary Cypriot art : loss trauma, affect and the material that passes into sensationAntoniou, Klitsa 
726-Mar-2020De-constructing Hospitality in the Colonial Mediterranean: Lawrence Durrell’s Bitter Lemons, and Albert Camus’s “L’hôteDanos, Antonis 
82018De-naturalizing antagonistic nationalism through an academic intervention: The reception of two photography exhibitions on the memorialization of the Cyprus ProblemCarpentier, Nico ; Doudaki, Vaia ; Christidis, Yiannis ; Köksal, Fatma Nazli 
91-Dec-2018Digitization and visualization of folk dances in cultural heritage: A reviewKico, Iris ; Grammalidis, Nikos ; Christidis, Yiannis ; Liarokapis, Fotis 
10May-2023EcdysisΚωνσταντίνου, Μέλανη 
112017Empathy for the DepictedKyprianidou, Efi 
122016Exploring the Urban Mediterranean Soundscapes in Cyprus and Malta: A Comparative StudyChristidis, Yiannis ; Quinton, Michael 
1312-Mar-2020FolaChristidis, Yiannis 
1431-Jul-2020Folk Dancing Documentation as a Creative Tool for Video ArtChristidis, Yiannis ; Synnos, Nicos 
152013Greek-Cypriot Historical Plays and Contemporary Culture and Identity and CultureΕυαγγέλου, Ελλάδα 
162014Hybrid landscapes and soundscapes, and the ideologies of bordersDanos, Antonis 
172015Idealist "grand visions", from Nikolaos Gyzis to Konstantinos Parthenis: the unacknowledged symbolist roots of Greek modernismDanos, Antonis 
1813-Dec-2022"In my life, I have always gone either crookedly or against the current!": Andreas Karayan's Pioneering, Queer Counter-narrative in 20th c. Cypriot ArtDanos, Antonis 
1911-Jul-2021I’m the last person you’d work with’. Funeral Professionals’ Place in Death RitesChristidis, Yiannis ; Kouros, Theodoros 
202016La SoupeSynnos, Nicos ; Yapanis, Yannis