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1Oct-2022AmuletsBurnett, Clare ; Γκενάντιεβα, Μαρίνα ; Περικλέους, Βίκυ ; Toren, Amikam 
22008The anxieties of the body: spirituality and eroticism in Nicholas Panayi’s painting», in Nicholas Panayi: White Light O + ΩDanos, Antonis 
32021Bauhaus : οι προϋποθέσεις ίδρυσης, η λειτουργία του και η διάχυση των ιδεών τουΧοιροδοντής, Αβραάμ 
41-Feb-2019Book Review: The Discursive-Material Knot: Cyprus in Conflict and Community Media ParticipationChristidis, Yiannis 
52020Cindy Sherman και Yasumasa Morimura: από την αυτοπροσωπογραφία στον εαυτό ως μοντέλοΑργυρού, Μαρία 
62014Contemporary Cypriot art : loss trauma, affect and the material that passes into sensationAntoniou, Klitsa 
726-Mar-2020De-constructing Hospitality in the Colonial Mediterranean: Lawrence Durrell’s Bitter Lemons, and Albert Camus’s “L’hôteDanos, Antonis 
82018De-naturalizing antagonistic nationalism through an academic intervention: The reception of two photography exhibitions on the memorialization of the Cyprus ProblemCarpentier, Nico ; Doudaki, Vaia ; Christidis, Yiannis ; Köksal, Fatma Nazli 
91-Dec-2018Digitization and visualization of folk dances in cultural heritage: A reviewKico, Iris ; Grammalidis, Nikos ; Christidis, Yiannis ; Liarokapis, Fotis 
102017Empathy for the DepictedKyprianidou, Efi 
112016Exploring the Urban Mediterranean Soundscapes in Cyprus and Malta: A Comparative StudyChristidis, Yiannis ; Quinton, Michael 
1212-Mar-2020FolaChristidis, Yiannis 
1331-Jul-2020Folk Dancing Documentation as a Creative Tool for Video ArtChristidis, Yiannis ; Synnos, Nicos 
142013Greek-Cypriot Historical Plays and Contemporary Culture and Identity and CultureΕυαγγέλου, Ελλάδα 
152014«Hybrid landscapes and soundscapes, and the ideologies of borders»Danos, Antonis 
162015Idealist "grand visions", from Nikolaos Gyzis to Konstantinos Parthenis: the unacknowledged symbolist roots of Greek modernismDanos, Antonis 
1713-Dec-2022"In my life, I have always gone either crookedly or against the current!": Andreas Karayan's Pioneering, Queer Counter-narrative in 20th c. Cypriot ArtDanos, Antonis 
1811-Jul-2021I’m the last person you’d work with’. Funeral Professionals’ Place in Death RitesChristidis, Yiannis ; Kouros, Theodoros 
192016La SoupeSynnos, Nicos ; Yapanis, Yannis 
2022-Mar-2019“La Soupe”Synnos, Nicos