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1Jun-2010Automatic search-based testing with the required k-tuples criterionSofokleous, Anastasis A. ; Krokou, Andria ; Andreou, Andreas S. 
2May-2009Classification and prediction of software cost through fuzzy decision treesPapatheocharous, Efi ; Andreou, Andreas S. 
3Jun-2011Cost modeling and estimation in agile software development environments using influence diagramsPapatheocharous, Efi ; Trikomitou, Despoina ; Andreou, Andreas S. ; Yiasemis, Pantelis 
4May-2006Creating and manipulating control flow graphs with multilevel grouping and code coverageSofokleous, Anastasis A. ; Andreou, Andreas S. ; Ioakim, Gianna 
523-Nov-2004Designing quality web applications using patternsMavromoustakos, Stephanos M. ; Andreou, Andreas S. 
6Jun-2007Doing things right or doing the right things? Proposing a documentation scheme for small to medium enterprisesAntoniou, Josephine ; Germanakos, Panagiotis ; Andreou, Andreas S. 
72012Dynamic localisation and automatic correction of software faults using evolutionary mutation testingAndreou, Andreas S. ; Yiasemis, Pantelis 
8Jun-2008Dynamic search-based test data generation focused on data flow pathsSofokleous, Anastasis A. ; Andreou, Andreas S. 
9Jul-2011Enhancing recommender systems development with human, social, cultural and organizational factorsMavromoustakos, Stephanos M. ; Andreou, Andreas S. 
101-Jan-2009Evaluating risks in software negotiations through fuzzy cognitive mapsPapatheocharous, Efi ; Andreou, Andreas S. ; Rodrigues, Sergio Assis ; De Souza, Jano Moreira 
11Jun-2010A genetic programming approach to software cost modeling and estimationPapatheocharous, Efi ; Iasonos, Angela ; Andreou, Andreas S. 
12Apr-2009Hybrid computational models for software cost prediction: An approach using artificial neural networks and genetic algorithmsPapatheocharous, Efi ; Andreou, Andreas S. 
1326-Apr-2017A hybrid prediction model integrating Fuzzy Cognitive Maps with Support Vector MachinesChristodoulou, Panayiotis ; Christoforou, Andreas ; Andreou, Andreas S. 
142012An intelligent transportation system for accident risk index quantificationMichail, Harris ; Mouskos, Kyriacos C. ; Gregoriades, Andreas 
15Jun-2012An investigation of optimal project scheduling and team staffing in software development using particle swarm optimizationGerasimou, Simos ; Stylianou, Constantinos ; Andreou, Andreas S. 
1624-Oct-2013Locating and correcting software faults in executable code slices via evolutionary mutation testingAndreou, Andreas S. ; Yiasemis, Pantelis Stylianos 
171-May-2005Nonparametric analysis of software reliability: Revealing the nature of software failure dataseriesAndreou, Andreas S. ; Leonidou, Constantinos N. 
18Apr-2017A real-Time targeted recommender system for supermarketsChristodoulou, Panayiotis ; Christodoulou, Klitos ; Andreou, Andreas S. 
19Jun-2012A semantic formalization for use case modelingGeorgiades, Marinos G. ; Andreou, Andreas S. 
20Jun-2008Size and effort-based computational models for software cost predictionAndreou, Andreas S. ; Papatheocharous, Efi