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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2020An analysis tool for the installation of submarine cables in an s-lay configuration including "in and out of water" cable segmentsMamatsopoulos, Vasileios A. ; Michailides, Constantine ; Theotokoglou, Efstathios E. 
2020Breaking wave loads and y+ value on offshore wind turbine monopilesChatzimarkou, E. ; Michailides, Constantine ; Onoufriou, Toula 
2017Clustering techniques for data analysis and data completion of monitored structural responses of an offshore floating structurePanapakidis, Ioannis P. ; Michailides, Constantine ; Angelides, Demos C. 
1-Feb-2021Coastal zone significant wave height prediction by supervised machine learning classification algorithmsDemetriou, Demetris ; Michailides, Constantine ; Papanastasiou, George ; Onoufriou, Toula 
1-Sep-2021Comparative Experimental and Numerical Study of Wave Loads on A Monopile Structure Using Different Turbulence ModelsZeng, Xin meng ; Shi, Wei ; Michailides, Constantine ; Wang, Kai ; Li, Xin 
1-Apr-2021A Comparative Study of Breaking Wave Loads on Cylindrical and Conical SubstructuresChatzimarkou, Eirinaios ; Michailides, Constantine 
1-Feb-2018A comparative study of different methods for predicting the long-term extreme structural responses of the combined wind and wave energy concept semisubmersible wind energy and flap-type wave energy converterLi, Qinyuan ; Michailides, Constantine ; Gao, Z. ; Moan, Torgeir 
11-Nov-2019A comparative study on the dynamic response of three semisubmersible floating offshore wind turbinesShi, Wei ; Zhang, Lixian ; Ning, Dezhi ; Jiang, Zhiyu ; Michailides, Constantine ; Karimirad, Madjid  
Oct-2021Coupled analysis of a 10 MW multi-body floating offshore wind turbine subjected to tendon failuresYang, Yang ; Bashir, Musa ; Michailides, Constantine ; Mei, Xuan ; Wang, Jin ; Li, Chun 
24-Oct-2020Critical Water Depth and Installation Curves for Submarine Cable Deployment ProcessMamatsopoulos, Vasileios A. ; Michailides, Constantine ; Theotokoglou, Efstathios E. ; Onoufriou, Toula 
11-Oct-2022Data for the Heritage Journal Publication 1760103Leventis, Georgios ; Kyriakidis, Phaedon ; Nikolaidis, Andreas ; Kassianidou, Vasiliki ; Moutsiou, Theodora ; Reepmeyer, Christian ; Demesticha, Stella ; Akylas, Evangelos ; Michailides, Constantine ; Zomeni, Zomenia ; Bar-Yosef Mayer, Daniella E. ; Makovsky, Yizhaq ; McCartney, Carole 
Apr-2019A data-driven short-term forecasting model for offshore wind speed prediction based on computational intelligencePanapakidis, Ioannis P. ; Michailides, Constantine ; Angelides, Demos C. 
Dec-2020Development and application of an aero-hydro-servo-elastic coupling framework for analysis of floating offshore wind turbineYang, Yang ; Bashir, Musa ; Michailides, Constantine ; Li, Chun ; Wang, Jin 
1-Sep-2021Diagnosis of damaged tendons on a 10 MW multibody floating offshore wind turbine platform via a response-only functional model based methodSakaris, Christos S. ; Bashir, Musa ; Yang, Yang ; Michailides, Constantine ; Wang, Jin ; Sakellariou, John S. 
2023Digitisation and Proactive Management of Coastal and Offshore Infrastructure and EnvironmentOnoufriou, Toula ; Michailides, Constantine ; Christodoulides, Paul 
1-May-2018Dynamic behavior of wind turbines influenced by aerodynamic damping and earthquake intensityYang, Yang ; Ye, Kehua ; Li, Chun ; Michailides, Constantine ; Zhang, Wanfu 
2020Effect of a passive tuned mass damper on offshore installation of a wind turbine nacelleJiang, Zhiyu ; Skrudland, Trond Kvia ; Karimirad, Madjid  ; Michailides, Constantine ; Shi, Wei 
Jun-2018Effects of misaligned wave and wind action on the response of the combined concept windwecKarimirad, Madjid  ; Michailides, Constantine 
Mar-2021Effects of nonlinear wave loads on large monopile offshore wind turbines with and without ice-breaking cone configurationTang, Ye ; Shi, Wei ; You, Jikun ; Michailides, Constantine 
19-Jun-2020Effects of Spilling and Plunging Type Breaking Waves Acting on Large Monopile Offshore Wind TurbinesTang, Ye ; Shi, Wei ; Ning, Dezhi ; You, Jikun ; Michailides, Constantine