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Jul-2010Clarification of high-added value products from olive mill wastewaterGalanakis, Charis M. ; Tornberg, Eva ; Gekas, Vassilis 
Sep-2010Dietary fiber suspensions from olive mill wastewater as potential fat replacements in meatballsGalanakis, Charis M. ; Tornberg, Eva ; Gekas, Vassilis 
Sep-2010The effect of heat processing on the functional properties of pectin contained in olive mill wastewaterGalanakis, Charis M. ; Tornberg, Eva ; Gekas, Vassilis 
Jun-2012Effect of Pressure and Temperature on Alcoholic Fermentation by Saccharomyces Cerevisiae Immobilized on Gamma-alumina PelletsGalanakis, Charis M. ; Kordulis, Christos ; Kanellaki, Maria ; Koutinas, Athanasios A. ; Bekatorou, Argyro ; Lycourghiotis, Alexis S. 
21-May-2015Enzyme Kinetics Modeling as a Tool to Optimize Food Industry: A Pragmatic Approach Based on Amylolytic EnzymesGalanakis, Charis M. ; Patsioura, Anna ; Gekas, Vassilis 
May-2012Hydro-Ethanolic Mixtures for the Recovery of Phenols from Mediterranean Plant MaterialsTsakona, Sofia ; Galanakis, Charis M. ; Gekas, Vassilis 
21-Dec-2012A Knowledge Base for the Recovery of Natural Phenols with Different SolventsGoulas, Vlasios ; Galanakis, Charis M. ; Tsakona, Sofia ; Manganaris, George A. ; Gekas, Vassilis 
1-Feb-2012Nanofiltration of Brackish Groundwater by Using a Polypiperazine MembraneGalanakis, Charis M. ; Fountoulis, Georgios ; Gekas, Vassilis 
1-Jan-2015Phenolic content and antioxidant capacity of Cypriot winesGalanakis, Charis M. ; Kotanidis, Anestis ; Dianellou, Maria ; Gekas, Vassilis 
22-May-2011Predicting the solubilization preference of natural phenols to different solventsGoulas, Vlasios ; Gekas, Vassilis ; Galanakis, Charis M. 
Apr-2013Recovery and fractionation of different phenolic classes from winery sludge using ultrafiltrationGalanakis, Charis M. ; Markouli, Eleftheria ; Gekas, Vassilis 
Aug-2010Recovery and preservation of phenols from olive waste in ethanolic extractsGalanakis, Charis M. ; Tornberg, Eva ; Gekas, Vassilis 
1-Nov-2014Separation and recovery of proteins and sugars from Halloumi cheese wheyGalanakis, Charis M. ; Chasiotis, Stathis ; Botsaris, George ; Gekas, Vassilis 
Sep-2010A study of the recovery of the dietary fibres from olive mill wastewater and the gelling ability of the soluble fibre fractionGalanakis, Charis M. ; Tornberg, Eva ; Gekas, Vassilis 
1-May-2011Ultrafiltration optimization for the recovery of β-glucan from oat mill wasteGalanakis, Charis M. ; Patsioura, Anna ; Gekas, Vassilis