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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Feb-2021Ability and willingness to work during COVID-19 pandemic:Perspectives of front-line hotel employeesStergiou, Dimitrios P. ; Farmaki, Anna 
2012A comparison of the projected and the perceived image of CyprusFarmaki, Anna 
2020Consumer perceptions towards sustainable supply chain practices in the hospitality industryModica, Patrizia Daniela ; Altinay, Levent ; Farmaki, Anna ; Gursoy, Dogan ; Zenga, Mariangela 
10-Jun-2018Corporate social responsibility in hotels: a stakeholder approachFarmaki, Anna 
13-Dec-2019CSR value co-creation: Hotel employee perspectivesFarmaki, Anna ; Christou, Prokopis A. 
2-Aug-2013Dark tourism revisited: A supply/demand conceptualisationFarmaki, Anna 
Oct-2019Escaping loneliness Through Airbnb host-guest interactionsFarmaki, Anna ; Stergiou, Dimitrios P. 
23-Jun-2018European Capitals of Culture: Residents’ PerceptionsFarmaki, Anna ; Christou, Prokopis A. ; Saveriades, Alexis 
2019Examining 'Space' in peer-to-peer accommodation settingsFarmaki, Anna ; Christou, Prokopis A. 
Jul-2012An Exploration of Tourist Motivation in Rural Settings: The Case of Troodos, CyprusFarmaki, Anna 
11-Apr-2018Exploring the emotional dimension of visitors' satisfaction at cultural eventsChristou, Prokopis A. ; Sharpley, Richard ; Farmaki, Anna 
21-Oct-2018The genius loci and tourism development nexusChristou, Prokopis A. ; Farmaki, Anna ; Saveriades, Alexis ; Spanou-Tripinioti, Elena 
Apr-2019The “genius loci” of places that experience intense tourism developmentChristou, Prokopis A. ; Farmaki, Anna ; Saveriades, Alexis ; Spanou-Tripinioti, Elena 
2-Oct-2017Growth and Impacts of All-Inclusive Holiday Packages: Echoes from the IndustryFarmaki, Anna ; Georgiou, Marios ; Christou, Prokopis A. 
Jan-2019Guests’ perceptions of emotionally expressive and non-expressive service providers within the hospitality contextChristou, Prokopis A. ; Avloniti, Anthi ; Farmaki, Anna 
28-Jun-2019Host and Guest Encounters in Peer-to-Peer Accommodation: Insights from Airbnb HostsSaveriades, Alexis ; Christou, Prokopis A. ; Farmaki, Anna 
14-Apr-2019Host Perceptions of the Impact of AirbnbSaveriades, Alexis ; Farmaki, Anna 
1-Jan-2020Hotels’ sustainability practices and guests’ familiarity, attitudes and behavioursOlya, Hossein ; Altinay, Levent ; Farmaki, Anna ; Ainur, Kenebayeva ; Gursoy, Dogan 
Oct-2020Impacts of Covid-19 on peer-to-peer accommodation platforms: Host perceptions and responsesFarmaki, Anna ; Miguel, Cristina ; Drotarova, Maria Hadjielia ; Aleksić, Ana ; Čeh Časni, Anita ; Efthymiadou, Fani 
2019Impacts of P2P accommodation: Neighbourhood perspectivesFarmaki, Anna ; Stergiou, Dimitrios P.