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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Automated Experiment-Driven Management of (Database) SystemsBabu, Shivnath ; Borisov, Nedyalko ; Duan, Songyun ; Herodotou, Herodotos ; Thummala, Vamsidhar 
23-Nov-2009Automated SQL tuning through trial and (sometimes) errorHerodotou, Herodotos ; Babu, Shivnath
10-Mar-2015A Distributed File System with Storage-Media AwarenessHerodotou, Herodotos 
20-Jul-2016Enhancing virtual reality systems with smart wearable devicesAlshaal, Salah Eddin ; Michael, Stylianos ; Pamporis, Andreas ; Herodotou, Herodotos ; Samaras, George S. ; Andreou, Panayiotis 
Aug-2011Mapreduce programming and costbased optimization? Crossing this chasm with starfishHerodotou, Herodotos ; Dong, Fei ; Babu, Shivnath
1-Dec-2012Massively parallel databases and MapReduce systemsBabu, Shivnath; Herodotou, Herodotos 
16-Mar-2018MULTI-WEAR: a multi-wearable platform for enhancing mobile experiencesPamboris, Andreas ; Andreou, Panayiotis ; Herodotou, Herodotos ; Samaras, George 
30-Nov-2011No one (cluster) size fits all: Automatic cluster sizing for data-intensive analyticsHerodotou, Herodotos ; Babu, Shivnath; Dong, Fei 
Aug-2018OctopusFS in action: Tiered storage management for data intensive computingKakoulli, Elena ; Karmiris, Nikolaos D. ; Herodotou, Herodotos 
May-2017OctopuSFS: A distributed file system with tiered storage managementKakoulli, Elena ; Herodotou, Herodotos 
Apr-2019Port-2-port communication enhancing short sea shipping performance: The case study of Cyprus and the Eastern MediterraneanMichaelides, Michalis P. ; Herodotou, Herodotos ; Lind, Mikael ; Watson, Richard T. 
1-Aug-2011Profiling, what-if analysis, and costbased optimization of mapreduce programsBabu, Shivnath; Herodotou, Herodotos 
1-Jan-2014PStorM: Profile storage and matching for feedback-based tuning of MapReduce jobsAboulnaga, Ashraf ; Ead, Mostafa ; Babu, Shivnath; Herodotou, Herodotos 
11-Jul-2011Query optimization techniques for partitioned tablesHerodotou, Herodotos ; Babu, Shivnath; Borisov, Nedyalko
2009RIOT: I/O efficient numerical computing without SQLZhang, Yi ; Herodotou, Herodotos ; Yang, Jun 
1-Jan-2014Scalable near real-time failure localization of data center networksOuthred, Geoff ; Balakrishnan, Shobana ; Fitter, Percy ; Herodotou, Herodotos ; Ding, Bolin 
25-Oct-2011SNPpy - Database management for SNP data from genome wide association studiesOwzar, Kouros ; Borisov, Nedyalko; Jiang, Chen ; Mitha, Faheem ; Herodotou, Herodotos ; Yoder, Josh 
11-Oct-2011Starfish: A self-tuning system for big data analyticsHerodotou, Herodotos ; Dong, Liang ; Babu, Shivnath; Luo, Gang ; Borisov, Nedyalko; Cetin, Fatma Bilgen ; Lim, Harold 
1-Jan-2012Stubby: A transformation-based optimizer for MapReduce WorkflowsHerodotou, Herodotos ; Babu, Shivnath; Lim, Harold 
20-Jun-2016Towards a distributed multi-tier file system for cluster computingHerodotou, Herodotos