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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
130-Sep-2023A review of growth and development of oncology nursing in six European countriesCharalambous, Andreas ; Dielenseger, Pascale ; Tsitsi, Theologia ; Foulkes, Mark ; Dodlek, Nikolina ; Fernández-Ortega, Paz ; Grov, Ellen Karine ; Utne, Inger 
2Jun-2023Like Frying Multiple Eggs in One Pan: a Qualitative Study Exploring the Understanding of Inter-speciality Training in Cancer CareMcInally, W ; Benstead, K ; Brandl, A ; Dodlek, Nikolina ; De Munter, J. ; Gasparotto, C ; Grau-Eriksen, J ; Kelly, R G ; Lecoq, C ; O'Higgins, N ; Schlüter, Oliver K. ; Popović, Maša ; Rollo, I ; Sulosaari, V ; Diez de Los Rios de la Serna, Celia 
3Jun-2023Big Data, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence to Advance Cancer Care: Opportunities and ChallengesCharalambous, Andreas ; Dodlek, Nikolina 
419-May-2023Cancer Prevention Literacy among Different Population Subgroups: Challenges and Enabling Factors for Adopting and Complying with Cancer Prevention RecommendationsSharp, Lena ; Dodlek, Nikolina ; Willis, Diane ; Leppänen, Arja ; Ullgren, Helena