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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Dec-2020Negotiating cancer preventative health behaviours and adapting to motherhood: the role of technology in supporting positive health behavioursNotley, Caitlin ; Ward, Emma ; Kassianos, Angelos P. ; Kurti, Allison ; Muirhead, Fiona ; Nostikasari, Dian ; Payton, Jamie ; Spears, Claire Adams 
22019A systematic review and meta-analysis of interventions incorporating behaviour change techniques to promote breastfeeding among postpartum womenKassianos, Angelos P. ; Ward, Emma ; Rojas-Garcia, Antonio ; Kurti, Allison ; Mitchell, Fiona C ; Nostikasari, Dian ; Payton, Jamie ; Pascal-Saadi, Julian ; Spears, Claire Adams ; Notley, Caitlin 
32018A theory based survey of UK and USA HCPs views on the promotion of smoking cessation and interrelated cancer preventative behaviours postpartumWard, Emma ; Nostikasari, Dian ; Kurti, Allison ; Payton, Jamie ; Kassianos, Angelos P. ; Spears, Claire Adams ; Mitchell, Fiona ; Notley, Caitlin