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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11-Jan-2022CSR communication and international marketing: Insights from the COVID-19 pandemicFarmaki, Anna ; Hadjielias, Elias ; Olya, Hossein ; Taheri, Babak ; Drotarova, Maria Hadjielia 
21-Mar-2021Unpacking the complex interactions among customers in online fan pagesFarmaki, Anna ; Olya, Hossein ; Taheri, Babak 
32021Sharing economy in hospitality and tourism: a review and the future pathwaysKuhzady, Salar ; Olya, Hossein ; Farmaki, Anna ; Ertaş, Çağdaş 
42021Hotels’ sustainability practices and guests’ familiarity, attitudes and behavioursOlya, Hossein ; Altinay, Levent ; Farmaki, Anna ; Kenebayeva, Ainur ; Gursoy, Dogan 
52021Modelling perceived service quality and turnover intentions in gender-segregated environmentsOlya, Hossein ; Taheri, Babak ; Farmaki, Anna ; Gannon, Martin Joseph 
66-Aug-2020Stimulating satisfaction and loyalty: transformative behaviour and Muslim consumersMohamed, Naushad ; Taheri, Babak ; Farmaki, Anna ; Olya, Hossein ; Gannon, Martin Joseph