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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
113-Oct-2021Design Guidelines for Energy Efficient AC to DC Power SuppliesChrysostomou, Michael ; Christofides, Nicholas ; Ioannou, Stelios ; Marouchos, Christos 
27-Oct-2021Review of battery management systemsDarwish, Mohamed K. ; Ioannou, Stelios ; Janbey, Alan ; Amreiz, Hassan Musa ; Marouchos, Christos 
3Oct-2021Modulation Processes and Mathematical Models of the TCRIoannou, Stelios ; Argyrou, Maria C. ; Christodoulides, Paul ; Raspopoulos, Marios ; Darwish, Mohamed ; Marouchos, Christos 
4Sep-2020Modulation Processes in Power Electronic ConvertersIoannou, Stelios ; Argyrou, Maria C. ; Darwish, Mohamed K. ; Marouchos, Christos 
57-Nov-2019Efficiency Investigation of A Protection and Correction Solid State Device for Low-Voltage Distribution NetworksIoannou, Stelios ; Marouchos, Christos ; Darwish, Mohammed K. ; Putrus, Ghanim A. 
67-Nov-2019Efficiency Investigation of a Grid Connected PV System with Power SmoothingIoannou, Stelios ; Argyrou, Maria C. ; Marouchos, Christos ; Darwish, Mohamed K.