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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
125-May-2021Individual Contributions of Adsorbed and Free Chains to Microscopic Dynamics of Unentangled poly(ethylene Glycol)/Silica Nanocomposite Melts and the Important Role of End Groups: Theory and SimulationSkountzos, Emmanuel N. ; Tsalikis, Dimitrios G. ; Stephanou, Pavlos S. ; Mavrantzas, Vlasis G. 
21-Jan-2018Understanding the rheological behavior of polymer nanocomposites: Non-equilibrium thermodynamics modeling coupled with detailed atomistic non-equilibrium molecular dynamics simulationsStephanou, Pavlos ; Tsalikis, Dimitrios G. ; Skountzos, Emmanuel N. ; Mavrantzas, Vlasis G.