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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
120-Feb-2019Assessment of the Tumbling-Snake Model against Linear and Nonlinear Rheological Data of Bidisperse Polymer BlendsStephanou, Pavlos ; Kröger, Martin 
21-Jan-2019Assessment of the Tumbling-Snake Model against linear and nonlinear rheological data of bidisperse polymer blendsStephanou, Pavlos S. ; Kröger, Martin 
314-May-2018From intermediate anisotropic to isotropic friction at large strain rates to account for viscosity thickening in polymer solutionsStephanou, Pavlos S. ; Kröger, Martin 
416-Mar-2018Tumbling-snake model for polymeric liquids subjected to biaxial elongational flows with a focus on planar elongationStephanou, Pavlos S. ; Kröger, Martin 
57-Nov-2017Non-constant link tension coefficient in the tumbling-snake model subjected to simple shearStephanou, Pavlos S. ; Kröger, Martin 
628-Apr-2017Communication: Appearance of undershoots in start-up shear: Experimental findings captured by tumbling-snake dynamicsStephanou, Pavlos S. ; Schweizer, Thomas ; Kröger, Martin 
728-Mar-2016Solution of the complete Curtiss-Bird model for polymeric liquids subjected to simple shear flowStephanou, Pavlos S. ; Kröger, Martin 
812-Oct-2010Understanding dynamics in binary mixtures of entangled cis- 1,4-polybutadiene melts at the level of primitive path segments by mapping atomistic simulation data onto the tube modelBaig, Chunggi ; Stephanou, Pavlos S. ; Tsolou, Georgia ; Mavrantzas, Vlasis G. ; Kröger, Martin 
930-Mar-2010Quantifying chain reptation in entangled polymer melts: Topological and dynamical mapping of atomistic simulation results onto the tube modelStephanou, Pavlos S. ; Baig, Chunggi ; Tsolou, Georgia ; Mavrantzas, Vlasis G. ; Kröger, Martin