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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Journal
129-Oct-2015Motivating participation and improving quality of contribution in ubiquitous crowdsourcingGoncalves, Jorge ; Hosio, Simo ; Rogstadius, Jakob ; Karapanos, Evangelos ; Kostakos, Vassilis Computer Networks 
21-Nov-2014Online disclosure of personally identifiable information with strangers: Effects of public and private sharingVenkatanathan, Jayant ; Kostakos, Vassilis ; Karapanos, Evangelos ; Gonçalves, Jorge Interacting with Computers 
3Jun-2014Modeling what friendship patterns on facebook reveal about personality and social capitalLiu, Yong ; Venkatanathan, Jayant ; Goncalves, Jorge ; Karapanos, Evangelos ; Kostakos, Vassilis ACM Transactions on Computer-Human Interaction 
41-May-2014Citizen motivation on the go: the role of psychological empowermentGonçalves, Jorge ; Kostakos, Vassilis ; Karapanos, Evangelos ; Barreto, Mary L. ; Camacho, Tiago ; Tomasic, Anthony ; Zimmerman, John Interacting with Computers 
5Oct-2013IncluCity: using contextual cues to raise awareness on environmental accessibilityGoncalves, Jorge ; Kostakos, Vassilis ; Hosio, Simo ; Karapanos, Evangelos ; Lyra, Olga 
617-Sep-2013CrisisTracker: crowdsourced social media curation for disaster awarenessRogstadius, Jakob ; Vukovic, Maja ; Teixeira, Claudio A. ; Kostakos, Vassilis ; Karapanos, Evangelos ; Laredo, Jim Alain IBM Journal of Research and Development