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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Aug-2020Printed paper waste as an alternative growing medium component to produce Brassica seedlings under nursery conditionsChrysargyris, Antonios ; Xylia, Panayiota ; Akinci, Gorkem ; Moustakas, Konstantinos ; Tzortzakis, Nikos G. 
2Dec-2018Evaluation of municipal solid waste compost and/or fertigation as peat substituent for pepper seedlings productionChrysargyris, Antonios ; Stamatakis, Aristeidis ; Moustakas, Konstantinos ; Prasad, Munoo ; Tzortzakis, Nikos G. 
321-Nov-2018Utilization of paper waste as growing media for potted ornamental plantsChrysargyris, Antonios ; Stavrinides, Menelaos ; Moustakas, Konstantinos ; Tzortzakis, Nikos G.