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110-Mar-2016Assessing the Relationship between Neurocognitive Performance and Brain Volume in Chronic Moderate-Severe Traumatic Brain InjuryKonstantinou, Nikos ; Pettemeridou, Eva ; Seimenis, Ioannis ; Eracleous, Eleni ; Papacostas, Savvas S. ; Papanicolaou, Andrew C ; Constantinidou, Fofi 
230-Jun-2019Whole brain and corpus callosum diffusion tensor metrics: How do they correlate with visual and verbal memory performance in chronic traumatic brain injuryYiannakkaras, Charalambos ; Konstantinou, Nikos ; Constantinidou, Fofi ; Pettemeridou, Eva ; Eracleous, Eleni ; Papacostas, Savvas S. ; Seimenis, Ioannis