Paschalidis, Konstantinos A. (rp06667)


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1Sep-2021The role of temperature in mediating postharvest polyamine homeostasis in tomato fruitTsaniklidis, Georgios ; Charova, Spyridoula N ; Fanourakis, Dimitrios ; Tsafouros, Athanasios ; Nikoloudakis, Nikolaos ; Goumenaki, Eleni ; Tsantili, Eleni ; Roussos, Petros A ; Spiliopoulos, Ioakim K. ; Paschalidis, Konstantinos A. ; Delis, Costas 
22-Dec-2020Structural Diversity and Highly Specific Host-Pathogen Transcriptional Regulation of Defensin Genes Is Revealed in TomatoNikoloudakis, Nikolaos ; Pappi, Polyxeni ; Markakis, Emmanouil A. ; Charova, Spyridoula N ; Fanourakis, Dimitrios ; Paschalidis, Konstantinos A. ; Delis, Costas ; Tzortzakakis, Emmanuel A. ; Tsaniklidis, Georgios 
315-Feb-2020Polyamine homeostasis in tomato biotic/abiotic stress cross-toleranceTsaniklidis, Georgios ; Pappi, Polyxeni ; Tsafouros, Athanasios ; Charova, Spyridoula N ; Nikoloudakis, Nikolaos ; Roussos, Petros A ; Paschalidis, Konstantinos A. ; Delis, Costas 
41-Oct-2017Deciphering the interplay among genotype, maturity stage and low-temperature storage on phytochemical composition and transcript levels of enzymatic antioxidants in Prunus persica fruitManganaris, George A. ; Drogoudi, Pavlina D. ; Goulas, Vlasios ; Tanou, Georgia ; Georgiadou, Egli C. ; Pantelidis, Georgios E. ; Paschalidis, Konstantinos A. ; Fotopoulos, Vasileios ; Manganaris, Athanasios G.