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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12-Jan-2018Constructing official culture through stamps: The case of the Republic Of CyprusAndreou, Sonia ; Zantides, Evripides 
2Nov-2017Cultivating official culture through visual communication: stamp design in the republic of Cyprus, perceptions of citizens and ideologyAndreou, Sonia 
31-Mar-2017Gendering the nation: A case study on the postage stamps of CyprusAndreou, Sonia ; Stylianou, Stephanie ; Zantides, Evripides 
42019Mailing ‘Cypriotness’: the sensorial aspect of official culture through stampsZantides, Evripides ; Andreou, Sonia 
5Oct-2016Μailing 'Cypriotness': the sensualization of official culture through stampsAndreou, Sonia ; Zantides, Evripides