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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11-Dec-2009Seismic performance of non-ductile RC frames with brick infillShing, P. Benson ; Stavridis, Andreas N. ; Koutromanos, Ioannis A. ; Willam, Kaspar ; Blackard, Ben ; Kyriakides, Marios ; Billington, Sarah L. ; Arnold, Scott 
22013Optimisation of multi-type sensor placement for SHM based on application demandsSoman, Rohan N. ; Onoufriou, Toula ; Votsis, Renos ; Chrysostomou, Christis ; Kyriakides, Marios 
31-Dec-2009Evaluation of a sprayable, ductile cement-based composite for the seismic retrofit of unreinforced masonry infillsBillington, Sarah L. ; Kyriakides, Marios ; Blackard, Ben ; Willam, Kaspar ; Stavridis, Andreas N. ; Shing, P. Benson 
42013Energy harvesting for sensors in infrastructure monitoring and maintenanceHan, Bo ; Kalis, Antonis A. ; Papadias, Constantinos ; Soman, Rohan ; Kyriakides, Marios ; Onoufriou, Toula ; Nielsen, Rasmus Wedel ; Prasad, Ramjee Venkatesha 
51-Jan-2013Damage assessment of bridges using compound SHM- signal processing and communication challengesSoman, Rohan N. ; Onoufriou, Toula ; Kyriakides, Marios