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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Dec-2021Depressive symptoms in involuntary hospitalized patients in Cyprus: Socio-demographic and psychopathological characteristicsKaikoushi, Katerina ; Karanikola, Maria ; Middleton, Nicos ; Chatzittofis, Andreas ; Nystazaki, Maria ; Bella, Evanthia ; Stylianou, Constantinos ; Kinnis, Evgenios ; Veniamin, Skevi ; Pitta, Maria ; Alevizopoulos, George 
2Aug-2016Investigating the impact of developer productivity, task interdependence type and communication overhead in a multi-objective optimization approach for software project planningStylianou, Constantinos ; Andreou, Andreas S. 
324-May-2014Human resource allocation and scheduling for software project managementStylianou, Constantinos ; Andreou, Andreas S. 
42014A review of the application of fuzzy cognitive maps in the policy decision-making life cycleAndreou, Andreas S. ; Neophytou, Haris ; Stylianou, Constantinos 
5Jan-2013A multi-objective genetic algorithm for intelligent software project scheduling and team staffingStylianou, Constantinos ; Andreou, Andreas S. 
6Nov-2012A novel prototype tool for intelligent software project scheduling and staffing enhanced with personality factorsStylianou, Constantinos ; Gerasimou, Simos ; Andreou, Andreas S. 
7Sep-2012A multi-objective genetic algorithm for software development team staffing based on personality typesStylianou, Constantinos ; Andreou, Andreas S. 
8Jun-2012An investigation of optimal project scheduling and team staffing in software development using particle swarm optimizationGerasimou, Simos ; Stylianou, Constantinos ; Andreou, Andreas S. 
9Sep-2011Intelligent software project scheduling and team staffing with genetic algorithmsStylianou, Constantinos ; Andreou, Andreas S. 
10Jun-2008A new traversing and execution algorithm for multilayered fuzzy cognitive mapsStylianou, Constantinos ; Andreou, Andreas S. ; Mateou, Nicos 
11Oct-2007A hybrid software component clustering and retrieval scheme using an entropy-based fuzzy k-modes algorithmAndreou, Andreas S. ; Stylianou, Constantinos 
121-May-2005Hybrid fuzzy cognitive map modeller: A novel software tool for decision makingMateou, Nicos ; Stylianou, Constantinos ; Andreou, Andreas S.