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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
14-May-201923 Ways to Nudge: A review of technology-mediated nudging in human-computer interactionCaraban, Ana ; Karapanos, Evangelos ; Gonçalves, Daniel ; Campos, Pedro 
2Apr-2009Accounting for diversity in subjective judgmentsKarapanos, Evangelos ; Martens, Jean Bernard O.S. ; Hassenzahl, Marc 
320-Apr-2018Activity tracking in vivoGouveia, Rúben ; Karapanos, Evangelos ; Hassenzahl, Marc 
42013Analyzing personal attribute judgmentsKarapanos, Evangelos 
5Apr-2019BCD cards: A tool for designing theory-based behavior change technologiesKonstanti, Chrysanthi ; Karapanos, Evangelos ; Markopoulos, Panos 
6Nov-2014Beyond gamification: sociometric technologies that encourage reflection before behavior changeBelim, Vítor ; Lyra, Olga ; Teixeira, Pedro ; Caraban, Ana ; Ferreira, Maria José ; Gouveia, Rúben ; Lucero, Andrés ; Karapanos, Evangelos 
7Apr-2014BreakOut: predicting and breaking sedentary behaviour at workFerreira, Maria José ; Karapanos, Evangelos ; Caraban, Ana 
8Apr-2009'Broken expectations' from a global business perspectiveKoca, Aylin ; Karapanos, Evangelos ; Brombacher, Aarnout Cornelis 
9Sep-2019Challenging Misinformation: Exploring Limits and ApproachesPiccolo, Lara Schibelsky Godoy ; Joshi, Somya ; Karapanos, Evangelos ; Farrell, Tracie 
10Sep-2007Characterizing the diversity in users' perceptionsKarapanos, Evangelos ; Martens, Jean Bernard O.S. 
111-May-2014Citizen motivation on the go: the role of psychological empowermentGonçalves, Jorge ; Kostakos, Vassilis ; Karapanos, Evangelos ; Barreto, Mary ; Camacho, Tiago ; Tomasic, Anthony ; Zimmerman, John 
12Sep-2019Combating Misinformation Through NudgingKonstantinou, Loukas ; Caraban, Ana ; Karapanos, Evangelos 
132013ConclusionsKarapanos, Evangelos 
1417-Sep-2013CrisisTracker: crowdsourced social media curation for disaster awarenessRogstadius, Jakob ; Vukovic, Maja ; Teixeira, Claudio A. ; Kostakos, Vassilis ; Karapanos, Evangelos ; Laredo, Jim Alain 
15Sep-2015CrowdWalk: Leveraging the wisdom of the crowd to inspire walking activitiesOrnelas, Tiago ; Caraban, Ana ; Gouveia, Rúben ; Karapanos, Evangelos 
16Apr-2016Designing for different stages in behavior changeKarapanos, Evangelos 
17Apr-2008Do knobs have character?: exploring diversity in users' inferencesKarapanos, Evangelos ; Wensveen, Stephan A.G. ; Friederichs, Bart ; Martens, Jean Bernard O.S. 
181-Jul-2012Does Locality Make a Difference? Assessing the Effectiveness of Location-aware NarrativesKarapanos, Evangelos ; Barreto, Mary ; Nisi, Valentina ; Niforatos, Evangelos 
19Feb-2015EmoSnaps: a mobile application for emotion recall from facial expressionsNiforatos, Evangelos ; Karapanos, Evangelos 
20Sep-2015EMotion: Retrospective in-car user experience evaluationNiforatos, Evangelos ; Karapanos, Evangelos ; Langheinrich, Marc ; Wurhofer, Daniela ; Krischkowsky, Alina ; Obrist, Marianna ; Tscheligi, Manfred