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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11-Jan-2020Strategic decision-making processes, international environmental munificence and the accelerated internationalization of SMEsPetrou, Andreas ; Hadjielias, Elias ; Thanos, Ioannis C. ; Dimitratos, Pavlos 
21-Apr-2016Entrepreneurial Orientation and International Performance: The Moderating Effect of Decision-Making RationalityDeligianni, Ioanna ; Dimitratos, Pavlos ; Petrou, Andreas ; Aharoni, Yair 
3Apr-2011Strategic decision-making processes in internationalization: Does national culture of the focal firm matter?Dimitratos, Pavlos ; Petrou, Andreas ; Plakoyiannaki, Emmanuella ; Johnson, Jeffrey E. 
42011The effects of formalisation, hierarchical decentralisation and lateral communication: Strategic decision-making processes on SME international performanceDimitratos, Pavlos ; Thanos, Ioannis C. ; Petrou, Andreas ; Papadakis, Vassilis M. 
5Nov-2008Images of women in online advertisements of global products: Does sexism exist?Plakoyiannaki, Emmanuella ; Mathioudaki, Kalliopi ; Dimitratos, Pavlos ; Zotos, Yorgos