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13-Jan-2011Characterisation and performance of a terfenol-d coated femtosecond laser inscribed optical fibre bragg sensor with a laser ablated microslot for the detection of static magnetic fieldsKalli, Kyriacos ; Smith, Graham N. ; Allsop, Thomas D P ; Neal, Ron M. ; Sugden, Kate ; Culverhouse, Phil F. ; Bennion, Ian ; Koutsides, Charalambos 
223-Feb-2012Formation and Characterization of Ultra-Sensitive Surface Plasmon Resonance Sensor Based Upon a Nano-Scale Corrugated Multi-Layered Coated D-Shaped Optical FiberKalli, Kyriacos ; Allsop, Thomas D P ; Neal, Ron M. ; Mou, Chengbo ; Saied, Sayah O. ; Rehman, Saeed Ur ; Webb, David ; Culverhouse, Phil F. ; Sullivan, John L. ; Bennion, Ian