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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12012Occupational accidents and musculoskeletal disorders in Greek Armed Forces in Evros countyMalliarou, Maria ; Karathanasi, Konstantinia; Moustaka, Heleni; Sotiriadou, Kiriaki ; Constantinidis, Theodoros; Sarafis, Pavlos 
22010Nurses attitude towards dying patients in a Greek district hospitalMalliarou, Maria ; Zyga, Sofia ; Lavdaniti, Maria ; Karathanasi, Konstantinia; Sotiriadou, Kiriaki ; Serafeim, Tatiana ; Constantinidis, Theodoros C. ; Sarafis, Pavlos 
32011Greek nurses' transcultural trainingMalliarou, Maria ; Karathanasi, Konstantinia; Sotiriadou, Kiriaki ; Moustaka, Helen; Sarafis, Pavlos 
42011Families’ experiences with a relative in the intensive care unitMalliarou, Maria ; Karathanasi, Konstantinia; Moustaka, Helen; Serafeim, Tatiana ; Sotiriadou, Kiriaki ; Sarafis, Pavlos