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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Oct-2014An analytical solution in probabilistic rock slope stability assessment based on random fieldsGravanis, Elias ; Pantelidis, Lysandros ; Griffiths, D. V. 
26-Apr-2010Conserved charges in (Lovelock) gravity in first order formalismGravanis, Elias 
3Oct-2017Early-time solution of the horizontal unconfined aquifer in the buildup phaseGravanis, Elias ; Akylas, Evangelos 
411-Jan-2015Generalized Batchelor functions of isotropic turbulenceGravanis, Elias ; Akylas, Evangelos 
52008Gravitational solitons and $C^0$ vacuum metrics in five-dimensional Lovelock gravityGarraffo, C. ; Giribet, G. ; Gravanis, Elias ; Willison, S. 
61-Jun-2002Higher-order logarithmic conformal algebras from Robertson-Walker σ-model backgroundsΓραβάνης, Ηλίας ; Mavromatos, Nick E. 
726-Jun-2016A hydro-mechanical erosion analytical model for sand predictionGravanis, Elias ; Sarris, Ernestos ; Papanastasiou, P. 
814-Mar-2018The influence of diffusion in the fracture resistance method for wellbore strengthening: A rock mechanics approachSarris, Ernestos ; Aladeyelu, Abdullahi ; Gravanis, Elias 
92015Influence of spatial variability on rock slope reliability using 1-D random fieldsPantelidis, Lysandros ; Gravanis, Elias ; Griffiths, D.V. 
102004Intersecting hyper-surfaces in dimensionally continued topological density gravitationGravanis, Elias ; Willison, Steven 
112006Intersecting hypersurfaces in AdS and Lovelock gravityGravanis, Elias ; Willison, Steven 
12Aug-2007Intersecting hypersurfaces, topological densities and Lovelock GravityGravanis, Elias ; Willison, Steven 
13Jul-2014Investigation of Self-Similar Interface Evolution in Carbon Dioxide Sequestration in Saline AquifersSarris, Ernestos ; Gravanis, Elias ; Papanastasiou, Panos 
1410-Mar-2017Isotropic turbulence in compact spaceGravanis, Elias ; Akylas, Evangelos 
155-Jun-2003Israel conditions for the Gauss-Bonnet theory and the Friedmann equation on the brane universeGravanis, Elias ; Willison, Steven 
1613-Apr-2007`Mass without mass' from thin shells in Gauss-Bonnet gravityGravanis, Elias ; Willison, Steven 
1728-Jul-2011Modeling the structure functions in linearly forced isotropic turbulenceAkylas, Evangelos ; Gravanis, Elias ; Fyrillas, Marios M. ; Rouson, Damian I. ; Kassinos, Stavros C. 
181-Sep-2019A novel methodology for synthesizing the wetting capillary pressure curve of rocks through sorptivity dataSarris, Ernestos ; Gravanis, Elias Γραβάνης, Ηλίας ; Ioannou, Ioannis 
191-Jan-2016On certain singular integral equations arising in the analysis of wellbore recharge in anisotropic formationsAtkinson, C. ; Sarris, E. ; Gravanis, Elias ; Papanastasiou, P. 
2028-Jul-2011On the stationarity of linearly forced turbulence in finite domainsGravanis, Elias ; Akylas, Evangelos