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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Journal
1Jun-2012A Single Nucleotide Polymorphism in the Acetyl-coenzyme A Acyltransferase 2 (ACAA2) Gene is Associated With Milk Yield in Chios SheepTzamaloukas, Ouranios ; Orford, Michael R. ; Hadjipavlou, G. ; Chatziplis, Dimitrios G. ; Koumas, Alkis ; Mavrogenis, Andreas ; Miltiadou, Despoina ; Papachristoforou, Christakis Journal of Dairy Science 
2Jun-2012Evidence of major gene(s) affecting milk traits in the Chios sheep breedChatziplis, Dimitrios G. ; Tzamaloukas, Ouranios ; Ligda, Christina ; Koumas, Alkis ; Mavrogenis, Andreas ; Georgoudis, Andreas G. ; Miltiadou, Despoina ; Papachristoforou, Christakis Small Ruminant Research 
3Jun-2009Analysis of PrP genotypes in relation to reproductive and production traits in Chios sheepIoannides, Ioannis M. ; Mavrogenis, Andreas ; Papachristoforou, Christakis Livestock Science 
4Mar-2006Investigation of the Booroola (FecB) and Inverdale (FecXI) mutations in 21 prolific breeds and strains of sheep sampled in 13 countriesDavis, George Henry ; Balakrishnan, Lekshmi ; Ross, Ian K. ; Wilson, Theresa M. ; Galloway, Sheila M. ; Lumsden, B.M. ; Hanrahan, James P. ; Mullen, Michael Paul ; Mao, Xiang ; Wang, Genlin ; Zhao, Zongsheng ; Zeng, Yongqing ; Robinson, John J. ; Mavrogenis, Andreas ; Peter, Christina ; Baumung, Roswitha ; Cardyn, P. ; Boujenane, Ismaïl ; Cockett, Noelle E. ; Eythorsdottir, Emma ; Arranz, Juan Jose ; Notter, David R. ; Papachristoforou, Christakis Animal Reproduction Science, 
5Dec-2000Genetic and phenotypic relationships between milk production and body weight in Chios sheep and Damascus goatsMavrogenis, Andreas ; Papachristoforou, Christakis Livestock Production Science 
61989Environmental and genetic effects on udder characteristics and milk production in Damascus goatsMavrogenis, Andreas ; Lysandrides, P. ; Roushias, A. ; Papachristoforou, Christakis