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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
13-Nov-2018Adaptation and validation of the Cyprus version of the practice environment scale of the nursing work index: a methodological studyEfstathiou, Georgios ; Andreou, Christos ; Tsangari, Haritini ; Dimitriadou, Maria ; Papastavrou, Evridiki 
22014Adult cancer patients satisfaction of nursing care: a cross-national evaluation of two Southeastern European countriesCharalambous, Andreas ; Efstathiou, Georgios ; Adamakidou, Theodoula ; Tsangari, Haritini 
3Jun-2012The Burdensome and Depressive Experience of Caring: What Cancer, Schizophrenia, and Alzheimer’s Disease Caregivers Have in CommonTsangari, Haritini ; Charalambous, Andreas ; Papastavrou, Evridiki 
42011Caring and coping: the dementia caregiversEfstathiou, Georgios ; Tsangari, Haritini ; Karayiannis, George ; Papastavrou, Evridiki 
5Jun-2007Caring for a relative with dementia: family caregiver burdenKalokerinou, Athena ; Papacostas, Savvas S. ; Tsangari, Haritini ; Sourtzi, Panayota A. ; Papastavrou, Evridiki 
62010The concept of caring in nursing: results from a pilot research studyPatiraki, Elisabeth ; Efstathiou, George ; Nikitara, Monica ; Tsangari, Haritini ; Merkouris, Anastasios ; Karlou, Chrysoula ; Palese, Alvisa ; Tomietto, Marco ; Balogh, Zoltan ; Suhonen, Riitta ; Leino-Kilpi, Helena ; Jarosova, Darja ; Papastavrou, Evridiki 
79-Nov-2010The cost of caring: the relative with schizophreniaTsangari, Haritini ; Karayiannis, George ; Καραγιάννης, Γιώργος ; Charalambous, Andreas ; Papastavrou, Evridiki 
811-Aug-2011A Cross-cultural Study of the Concept of Caring Through Behaviours: Patients’ and Nurses’ Perspectives in Six Different EU CountriesEfstathiou, George ; Tsangari, Haritini ; Suhonen, Riitta ; Leino-Kilpi, Helena ; Patiraki, Elisabeth ; Karlou, Chrysoula ; Balogh, Zoltan ; Palese, Alvisa ; Tomietto, Marco ; Jarosova, Darja ; Merkouris, Anastasios ; Papastavrou, Evridiki 
9Dec-2015Dementia caregiver burden association with community participation aspect of social capitalPapastavrou, Evridiki ; Andreou, Panayiota ; Middleton, Nicos ; Tsangari, Haritini ; Papacostas, Savvas
102012Development of an Instrument to Determine Competencies of Postgraduate ICU Nurses in CyprusMerkouris, Anastasios ; Hadjibalassi, Maria ; Athini, Evdokia ; Georgiou, Evanthia ; Nicolaou, Elisavet ; Tsangari, Haritini ; Papastavrou, Evridiki ; Lambrinou, Ekaterini 
11Jan-2020Exploration of empathy in Cyprus nursing and health care students: A mixed method studyKarayiannis, George ; Papastavrou, Evridiki ; Farmakas, Antonis ; Tsangari, Haritini ; Noula, Maria ; Roupa, Zoe 
12Apr-2009Exploring the other side of cancer care : the informal caregiverPapastavrou, Evridiki ; Charalambous, Andreas ; Tsangari, Haritini 
13Jan-2009Gender issues in caring for demented relativesPapastavrou, Evridiki ; Tsangari, Haritini ; Kalokerinou, Athena ; Papacostas, Savvas S. ; Sourtzi, Panagiota 
14Jul-2012How do informal caregivers of patients with cancer cope: a descriptive study of the coping strategies employedTsangari, Haritini ; Charalambous, Andreas ; Papastavrou, Evridiki 
15Sep-2014Linking patient satisfaction with nursing care: the case of care rationing - a correlational studyPapastavrou, Evridiki ; Andreou, Panayiota ; Tsangari, Haritini ; Merkouris, Anastasios 
1619-Jul-2016Nursing students' satisfaction of the clinical learning environment: A research studyPapastavrou, Evridiki ; Δημητριάδου, Μαρία ; Tsangari, Haritini ; Andreou, Christos 
1710-Nov-2011Patient Satisfaction as an Outcome of Individualised Nursing CareEfstathiou, George ; Tsangari, Haritini ; Merkouris, Anastasios ; Papastavrou, Evridiki 
18Mar-2016Patients' decisional control over care: a cross-national comparison from both the patients' and nurses' points of viewPapastavrou, Evridiki ; Efstathiou, Georgios ; Tsangari, Haritini ; Karlou, Chryssoula ; Patiraki, Elisabeth ; Jarosova, Darja ; Merkouris, Anastasios ; Balogh, Zoltan ; Suhonen, Riitta 
192012Patients’ and nurses’ perceptions of individualised care : an international comparative studyTsangari, Haritini ; Efstathiou, Georgios ; Papastavrou, Evridiki 
2011-May-2012Patients’ and Nurses’ Perceptions of Respect and Human Presence Through Caring Behaviours: A Comparative StudyEfstathiou, Georgios ; Tsangari, Haritini ; Suhonen, Riitta ; Leino-Kilpi, Helena ; Patiraki, Elisabeth ; Karlou, Chryssoula ; Balogh, Zoltan ; Palese, Alvisa ; Tomietto, Marco ; Jarosova, Darja ; Merkouris, Anastasios ; Papastavrou, Evridiki