Varnavas, Andreas
Βαρνάβας, Ανδρέας
Andreas Varnavas is Associate Professor (entagmenos) in the Department of Hotel and Tourism Management. He has a Doctorate in Hospitality Education from Middlesex University, a MSc in Tourism and Hospitality Education from the University of Surrey, and a MPSM (Master in Public Sector Management) from the Cyprus International Institute of Management. He also has a Degree in Law and Political Science from the Aristotelian University of Thessalonica and a Degree from the Pedagogical Academy of Cyprus. He worked for five years in public elementary education, four years for the Employers and Industrialists Federation of Cyprus (OEB) and four years for the Public Service Commission. He also worked for the Higher Hotel Institute (Cyprus) as a Senior Officer and as Director of the Institute. His research interests include, inter alia, the study of factors leading to the improvement of productivity in service organizations, with main focus on the hospitality industry, including environmental practices, knowledge management, and experiential services for achieving quality.