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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12012The allure of race:from new lefts to new timesTorres, Rodolfo D.; Kyriakides, Christopher 
22003Migrant labour, racism and the British national health serviceVirdee, Satnam K. ; Kyriakides, Christopher 
31-Jan-2015“Other Than Mexicans”, “Islamic Fascists” and the transatlantic regulation of risky subjectsKyriakides, Christopher ; Torres, Rodolfo D. 
49-Jan-2009Racism, Muslims and the national imaginationKyriakides, Christopher ; Virdee, Satnam K. ; Modood, Tariq 
519-Feb-2015Refugees, capitalism and the British state: implications for social workers, volunteers and activistsKyriakides, Christopher 
62008Third way anti-racism: a contextual constructionist approachKyriakides, Christopher 
710-Mar-2014Transnational Roots of the Civil Rights Movement: African American Explorations of the Gandhian RepertoireKyriakides, Christopher