Zachariadis, Theodoros
Ζαχαριάδης, Θεόδωρος

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Event Name DateLocationTalk titleNb of attendeesAcademic year
Summer school on ‘Energy Economics’ of the InnoEnergy KIC of the European Institute of Technology, Grenoble École de Management01-09-2016Transport and Sustainability: Current Status and Future Prospects with a View to Decarbonisation2016-2017
“Energy Economics” course, Department of Engineering Management, University of Antwerp01-03-2016From Dieselgate to a Green Tax Reform: Regulations or Economic Instruments for a Successful Energy and Environmental Policy?602015-2016
7th Annual Berkeley Bioeconomy Conference, University of California, Berkeley01-03-2014Policy options to address transportation energy and carbon intensity in Europe: Striking the balance1002013-2014
Doctoral seminar (‘masterclass’) of the Transport Research School TRAIL, Delft University of Technology01-11-2012Economic and Policy Considerations for Decarbonising Car Transport in Europe402012-2013
Short course for MSc and PhD students at Department of Transport, Technical University of Denmark01-06-2012Transportation, Energy and Climate Change – Economics and Policies252011-2012
Academic seminar at Precourt Energy Efficiency Center, Stanford University01-09-2011Environmental and Economic Effects from the Implementation of CO2-based Feebates on Automobiles in Europe202011-2012
13th Biennial Conference on Transportation and Climate Policy, organised by the University of California, Davis01-08-2011What Have We Learned from EU Efforts to Reduce CO2 Emissions in Transport? An Independent Perspective2002011-2012
Workshop ‘Improving policy-making for poverty reduction and food security’, organised by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation01-04-2008Oil/Mineral Profits and Bills in Less Industrialized Countries: Preliminary Analysis and Policy Implications1002007-2008
Academic seminar at Department of Geography and Environment, London School of Economics01-12-2012Welfare Implications of Carbon Taxes for Cars402012-2013
Policy Workshop on Economic Challenges for Energy01-02-2017Economic Measures or Regulations for Improving Energy Efficiency? Reflections After Dieselgate2016-2017
2017 Academic Workshop on Developments in Energy Economics01-02-2017Evaluating the Economic Impact of Decarbonisation Policies in Road Transport2016-2017
National Workshop on the EU Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy01-12-2016Can Cyprus Achieve the Transition to an Energy Efficient and Low-Carbon Economy?602016-2017